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Five things you need to know about new Twitter ‘voice tweet’

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Twitter has now added a new feature that allows users to record their own voice and tweet it.

The company announced this on the platform.

Meanwhile, this new feature is available to iOS users only at the moment. With the current 280 character limit.

Twitter disclosed that one can add more to it using this new voice note feature.

“Sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation. So starting today, we’re testing a new feature that will add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter – your very own voice,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Here are few things to know about the voice tweet feature:

1. The feature is currently only for iOS users.

2. Voice tweets can only be added to original tweets, so you can’t include them in replies or retweets with a comment.

3. You can’t reply a tweet using voice tweet

4. Your voice tweet can’t be longer than 140 seconds; a new voice note will start if you reach that limit. Twitter will automatically create a thread out of subsequent voice notes.

5. Voice tweets cannot be downloaded by other users and the number of listens for a voice note show up right under the note, just like on YouTube

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