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How an applicant lost a job during a phone interview thinking it was a scammer

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While the rate of phone scammers who call to ask for BVN has risen lately, many people immediately lash out when they sense a similar call. However the same action had made an applicant lost a job.

An individual took to Nairaland to share how an applicant lost a job during a phone interview thinking it was scammers.

See below;

Hello All,

I recently submitted some resumes for an opening in a bank. I was asked for referrals by one of the recruiters, so i source for candidates from LinkedIn and other sources. The recruiter later shared with me his experience with one of the candidate, below is how the conversation went:

Caller (recruiter) : Hello, good day , I am calling from xyz bank, im I onto Mr X?

Mr X (candidate): You want to ask for my BVN abi?, SCAMMERS

Caller (recruiter): We are actually calling for a chat after reviewing your cv

Mr X (candidate): Oh, i actually thought is all this scammers

Caller (recruiter)): ended the call

I hope you can pick some lesson(s) from the conversation, though there are scammers out there, but we should still be careful.

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