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Man recounts his funny experience at the club

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A Nigerian man has taken to popular social media platform, Nairaland to recount one of his funny experiences to the club house.

Although clubs are presently on a lockdown in the country due to the covid19 pandemic, it was, however, an experience recounting one.

He wrote,

Will try to make the story short so I won’t bore you

During my school days I love to party alot or go out for a drink. So one fateful day I and my friends were invited for a birthday party about 4 of us. So on arrival we were served with a whiskey and a bottle of coke. I took two shots of the whiskey and coke i got pumped up for a dance. One of my male friends didn’t like the taste so he gave me he’s to drink making it 3 shots. So after the dance I ordered for two bottles of heineken. M.I(miracle) a female friend of mine bought cigar as we were going to the party so I took one from her to smoke. You dont inhale the smoke cos it’s very strong. I got a little tipsy at this point.
So we all decided to go clubbing. On arrival I quickly went for a black bullet. So M.I(miracle) gave me her samsong phone so she won’t misplace it. After taking that black bullet my God I can’t describe how I was feeling buh I was full of energy. So I started dancing and I’m a good dancer. Like literally ppl gave me space to dance and entertain them. Along the way a voice in my head was like.. dude do something crazy ur dance is really boring. Mehn I jumped on the couch and started dancing next thing I know a bouncer picked me up and took me off the club. I was shouting at him that I have the right to be here. When he dropped me I just realized what happened. At the process I lost M.I’s phone.
. That babe was on my neck all day cos she bought the phone brand-new.

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