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South Africans ask government to ban alcohol

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After months of a temporary ban on alcohol was lifted in South Africa on Monday, August 17, South Africans are back on the neck of the government to reinstate the ban.

Apparently, the ban on alcohol followed coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the country as South Africa also placed a restriction on trading and distribution of alcohol. However, it appears now that the lockdown restrictions and alcohol ban are being eased South Africans want the ban on alcohol to remain.

South Africans on Twitter have voiced out why Alcohol ban should remain as many believe a ban on the hard drink means better for them.

Backing up this claim, after the ban on alcohol was lifted on Monday, long queues of customers waiting to buy alcohol outside shops were reported.

Medical experts, supported the ban on alcohol, saying it was vital that people led healthy lives while helping to ease the pressure on health services.

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