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5 Nollywood celebrities who died very sick while begging for treatment

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Check out 5 Nollywood celebrities who died very sick while begging for treatment

Some that really don’t have money have gone out of their way to seek help when they come down with serious illnesses. Meanwhile, some others lived a reckless life without thinking of saving for the ‘unexpected’. So this makes the actors in this category gets little or no pity whenever they need assistance from their colleagues and the public.

And also, some are too proud to let their situation known, so when their poor situation is finally revealed to the public sometimes, it becomes too late to save their lives. Most Actors who have died of illness falls into one or more situations mentioned above. As much as we try to sympathize with them, we also believe a lot could have been done to avoid these illnesses as they are mostly linked to one bad habit or the other.

So therefore, below is the list of Nollywood actors that have cried out for financial help in terms of medical funding but still went on to glory. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.

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1. Martins Njubuigbo

Martins Njubuigbo

Martins Njubuigbo is a veteran Nollywood actor popularly known as Elder Maya. He is always known for featuring as a native doctor and a title chief in several Nollywood movies. Martins Njubuigbo died after battling with liver disease for a long period of time. Before he kicked the bucket, he was in need of just 1 million Naira for hospital treatment bills and he went ahead to solicit for public funds from Nigerians. A popular cleric came to his rescue and helped him with 1 million Naira in donation. However, the actor still passed on in October 2016. May his soul and the souls of others who have died rest in perfect peace.

2. Prince James Uche

Prince James Uche was popular for lead roles in classic movies such as Igodo and Lost Kingdom, which was described as one of the best Nollywood movies every produced in Nigeria. He was discharged from the hospital untreated because he could not afford to pay his hospital bills. He was discharged from the hospital in January 2017 and he remained at home battling with stroke and other serious ailment. Successful Nollywood actors like Desmond Eliot rose to his rescue along with his son and appealed to the public for funds to take care of the ailing actor as Prince James Uche needed at least 15 million Naira for his kidney transplant surgery in India. Well-meaning Nigerians came to his rescue and the funds were raised for his treatment but the ailing actor still passed on to Glory on the 8th of March 2017.

3. Enebeli Elebuwa

When Enebeli Elebuwa fell ill in 2011, Segun Arinze appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to help raise funds to treat the ailing actor who was battling with stroke, but all his hard work was fruitless. But when his case became very serious, Delta state government came to his rescue and flew him to India for proper treatment but it was too late as the actor died immediately he arrived at India hospital. After he died, Nollywood actress Stella Damasus expressed her disappointment at the way the matter was handled by his colleagues and the public while accusing her colleagues of using social media as a tool to publicize their help. Unfortunately, during his burial Nollywood actors and actress came out in masses and celebrated his death with a befitting burial, what an irony of life.

4. Ashley Nwosu

Ashley Nwosu

Ashley Nwosu also passed on to glory in April 2011 after battling with Liver complications at the age of 58 years old. It was reported that Nollywood actors and actresses deserted him during his ailment period even when it was rumored that a lot of colleagues were indebted to him financially. They all left him with his fate and turned a blind eye and deaf ear on his plea for funds to finance his treatment. His family still went ahead to seek help from the public and movie actors who are successful but their pleas fell on deaf ears and the actor died a painful death. Unfortunately, during his burial Nollywood actors and actress came out in masses and celebrated his death with a befitting burial, what an irony of life.

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5. Olumide Bakare

Olumide Bakare

Olumide Bakare was a legendary actor from Yoruba tribe. He was popular for his role in Yoruba speaking movies. He acts in both English and Yoruba movies and he is always known for his role as a father, husband, titled chief and traditional ruler. He was born and bred in Ibadan, Oyo State in the south western part of Nigeria. The Ibadan based actor, Olumide Bakare was admitted into UCH Hospital in Ibadan after he suffered cardiac arrest. He cried out for help from his colleagues while begging them to assist him financially for his hospital bills and also send a word of prayer to his family, unfortunately nobody came to his rescue. He suffered with cardiac arrest and passed away in April 2017 after he had been ill for a long time. Unfortunately, during his burial Nollywood actors and actress came out in masses and celebrated his death with a befitting burial, what an irony of life.

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