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Drama As Groom Plays Video Of Bride Cheating With Another Man During Wedding Ceremony

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Netizens have been hit with yet another jaw breaking video of a groom who showed his bride’s cheating video on their wedding day.

Netizens have been hit with yet another jaw breaking video of a groom who showed his bride’s cheating video on their wedding day.

In the video, the bride was spotted with the brother-in-law having hot s*x.

In the video, the pair are seen on stage before the screen behind them switches to show the x-rated flick.

Shocked gasps and shouts are heard as the humiliating affair is exposed for all to see.

With his revenge nearly complete, the man says, “You thought I didn’t know?” Then he shoves his unfaithful fiancee.

She retaliates by throwing her bouquet at him.

The stage is then swarmed by what appears to be the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the video cuts out.

This is becoming a norm which is quite disturbing.

How can you be involved with another person when you have a fiancée.

 In another story, a bride found out about his cheating finance some few hours to their wedding.

As confusing and embarrassing as that moment will be  the bride managed to get a grasp of the situation.

 The other woman kept sending screen shot of chat between him and the groom months ago.

But the deal breaker ws when she shared messages of their encounter some few days  prior to their wedding.

 With hours of struggling and contemplating, the bride decided to walk down the aisle not to get married but to expose the man she is about to marry.

Calmly she walked down the aisle with a lot of grace, then the ceremony started.

When it got to the vow taken, instead of repeating after the pastor, she rather took her phone  and started reading the text message she received  from the other lover.

With shame the groom left the wedding followed by his best man.

The bride appologised  to the audience but was least worried as she saved her self from a toxic relationship.

 Instead of ending the entire ceremony she rather used the ceremony to celebrate her freedom from a toxic man.

Although the family of the groom left with shame other guest stayed to celebrate the moment with the hurt but grateful woman.

I believe  if you are in a relationship, one thing you must always do is to respect your partner and not to do things that is disrespectful to them , like cheating on them.

If you think , you have run out of love for  someone just end the relationship rather than cheating .

Lets save ourselves the drama of fighting over some thing that can be avoided.

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