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‘Powerful’ Dog savage 2-week-old baby boy to his untimely death while Mother was away

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Heartbroken local saw cops struggle to pull the killer dog away from the scene after it savaged the 2-week-old infant at his family home.

A DOG that mauled a newborn baby boy to death was strong enough to drag three police officers into the road, a horrified witness said.

A heartbroken local saw cops struggle to pull the dog away from the scene after it savaged the 12-day-old infant at his family home.

The newborn was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, but sadly died of his injuries.

Police were called to the infant’s home after he was attacked by his family’s dog on Sunday afternoon.

Local Sally Hooley said: “I drove by as the police were removing the dog.

“It was a big fluffy golden thing. It didn’t look like a dangerous breed.

“But police were struggling to get it into the dog van.

“It was strong enough to be dragging three officers into the road.”

It is the second tragedy to hit the family in just 18 months, neighbours said.

It is believed the father of the mum’s three children died last year from sepsis.

One burst into tears as she said: “She was a brilliant mum but her whole life fell apart when he died.

“She lost everything.”

Mum Abigail Ellis posted photos of her cradling her newborn baby son Elon in her arms 11 days before he died, and wrote on Facebook: “Our gorgeous baby boy, love him to bits.”

Dad Stephen Joynes wrote “2020 not that bad I suppose. Little baby Elon couldn’t be more chuffed with little Elon”. He said his son weighed weighed 6lb 11oz and added in a comment: “Beauty, isn’t he?”

It is believed Abigail’s three other older children – two boys and a girl – were in the home when the tragedy happened. Her long-term partner Joel, the father of the three children, died about 18 months ago, said neighbours.

Abigail was said to be “in pieces” and being comforted by friends and neighbours after the latest tragedy.

Police have arrested a 27-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter following the death in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

One of Abigail’s closest pals said: “She has suffered such tragedy in her life, her dad died and then her partner died.

“They were childhood sweethearts. She was a mess when she lost him.

“This baby was her fresh start, her ray of hope, he’s got kids too and it joined their families together.

“This will break her. They were about 14 or 15 years old when they got together.

“They loved each other to bits.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson confirmed the dog was a crossbreed but did not provide any more details. It is understood the dog is part, Akita.

The woman and man who were arrested have both been bailed while officers’ inquiries continue.

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