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See Pastor Who Denounced Christianity Now Flaunt His Two Wives On Social Media

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In 2017, Kevin Wesley made a Facebook post in which he said: “I don’t believe in The Bible or any character in the Bible” (including Jesus Christ).

After Kevin Wesley left Christianity and gave up on Jesus Christ, he started practising an ancient African religion. His newly found faith was followed by two wives who seemed to give him purpose and drive.

The father of six who also happens to be a grandpa told his fans through Instagram that his two women sometimes get jealous of one another.

Kevin who has been pictured multiple times embracing both his ladies and loving up on them in public said any human is bound to get jealous.

The dad also added he has a lot of love to give and lives with both his ladies under one roof. The ex-pastor claimed his women love each other and accept one another but are bound to butt heads from time to time.

Kevin said being in a marriage that has two wives challenged him to think differently and be willing to care about other people’s feelings. “When you can separate your emotions and old programming from new concepts, there can be something beautiful on the other side,” he wrote.

At an early age, Kevin Wesley was on a mission to find God. When Kevin was three years old, his mother passed away, and he moved in with his grandmother. At the age of 15, Kevin’s grandmother passed away, this forced him to search for answers.

Kevin needed God to fill the void that was created by the death of his maternal figures. He couldn’t understand why his mother died so young, why his father wasn’t around, why his grandmother passed away, and why his life was so tough.

During Kevin’s struggle to find meaning in his life, he found a church home. His pastor filled the void of his absent father, led him to Christ, and encouraged him to go into the ministry. After Kevin became a youth minister his pastor and father figure died.

At the request of the first lady of the church, Kevin assumed the role of co-pastor. Kevin’s intense search for religious and spiritual truth would result in him later doubting his faith.

In 2017, Kevin Wesley made a Facebook post in which he said: “I don’t believe in The Bible or any character in the Bible” (including Jesus Christ).

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