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Strangest Rains That Have Fallen From Heaven

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This article contains the strangest rains to have fallen from the sky in different places around the world

While some freak rain occurrences are easily explained by atmospheric forces, others have endured for hundreds of years as unsolved meteorological mysteries. Check out these instances where something other than water rained from the sky.

Red Rain

A well-documented incident of “blood rain” happened for several days between 25 July and 23 September 2001, in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Investigations suggested the rain was red because winds had stirred up dust from the Arabian Peninsula. Although another theory explored even suggested some sort of life form had fallen from the skies. It was reported at the time that Godfrey Louis, a physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, concluded samples left over from the rains did not contain dust and instead had “a clear biological appearance”.

In 2014, residents in the Spanish city of Zamora were astonished to see water in white basins around the village had turned red, with some fearing contaminants could have been dumped from aeroplanes. Studies confirmed that the “blood rain” was teeming with freshwater algae called Haematococcus Pluvialis, which produce a red pigment when they’re stressed.

Also, residents of Sevenagala and Indikolapelessa in the Moneragala District, area in the southeastern parts of the island, witnessed an unusual phenomenon in November 2012, as rare showers of red rain fell for over 15 minutes in Sewanagala, Monaragala and Manampitiya and Polonnaruwa.

There are very early recordings of “blood rain” in historical texts. It is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, thought to have been written in the 8th Century BC. The 12th Century writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth , who made popular the legends of King Arthur, also referred to it.In earlier times it was believed the rain was actually blood and it was considered a bad omen. Often it was used in texts and literature to predict bad events.

Fish rain

Villagers in west Sri Lanka were surprised and delighted by an unusual rainfall of small fish. The edible fish fell during a storm and are believed to have been lifted out of a river during a strong wind. The Villagers heard something heavy falling and found scores of fish with a total weight of 50kg. It is not the first such incident in Sri Lanka – in 2012, a case of “prawn rain” was recorded in the south.

This is a common occurrence in Yoro, Honduras where residents experience fish rain at least once or twice a year. What’s more interesting is the fact that Yoro is actually miles away from the ocean. Every year, a big storm sweeps through the town, followed by heavy rain. And after the storm passes, the roads are scattered with flapping, live fishes.

Earlier this year, Small fishes have been found on the streets of Yowah in Western Queensland after record-breaking rainfall in the region. Experts say that it is unlikely the fish fell from above and they are more likely to have escaped from previously dried-up waterholes

Spider rain

In Goulburn, Australia, 120 miles from Sydney, residents recently described seeing “this tunnel of webs going up for a couple of hundred meters into the sky.”

The town was transformed into one big web-covered haunted house as black baby spiders fell from the air like snow.

Golf rain

In September 1969, in Florida, golf balls rained from heaven.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that “dozens and dozens and dozens” of golf balls fell from the sky and littered the streets of Punta Gorda, Florida following a heavy downpour.

The balls baffled the waterfront community; no golf courses or driving ranges in the area reported any balls missing.

A logical explanation might be that a passing storm had picked up the balls from a local golf course; when the storm dissipated, the balls fell down.

Worm rain

In southern Norway, it rained worms in 2015. According to Norwegian news service, The Local, the most recent phenomenon was discovered by biology teacher Karstein Erstad while he was skiing in the mountains. He thought they might have crawled through the snow, but rejected this idea, as the snow was over half a metre thick across the mountains.

Another of its kind was also spotted in Scotland by a soccer team at Scotland’s Galashiels Academy. They were sent running indoors when they got pelted with earthworms from the sky in. There were no tornadoes reported in the area, though, and the origin of the wormy rain is still a mystery.

The children had just completed their warm-up when they began to hear “soft thudding” on the ground. The class then looked to the cloudless sky – and saw worms falling on to them.

Their shocked teacher David Crichton found even more of the garden grubs scattered up to 100yds from the site of the bizarre downpour at Galashiels Academy, Selkirkshire.

Frog rain

Waterspouts may also be to blame for the straight-up-Biblical phenomenon of frog rain. On June 7, 2005, thousands of frogs rained on Odzaci, a small town in northwestern Serbia. Climatologist Slavisa Ignjatovic described the phenomenon as “not very unusual” because the strong winds that accompanied the storm could have easily picked up the frogs.

When it rained frogs in Kansas City in 1873, Scientific American concluded that it must have been caused by a tornado or other land-based storm, since there were no swamps or other bodies of water in the vicinity.

Similarly, when it hailed frogs in Dubuque, Iowa on June 16, 1882, scientists speculated that small frogs were picked up by a powerful updraft and frozen into hail in the cold air above earth’s surface.

Although no one has actually witnessed updraft lifting frogs off the ground, the theory is scientifically plausible since updrafts regularly pick up lightweight debris and carry it considerable distances.

Sources:, BBC,

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