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Wife Meet her death while going for photoshoot with her family

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Happy family left their house for a photoshoot. Something they had been looking forward to for months. Father, mother and daughter needed this so much. But few hours later, the young family would be separated forever.

On 15th August, Baba Talisha left the house to meet a client. He is a 4th year University student but has a side job that keeps his family going. The client needed nicely done photos, something he is good at.

Baba Talisha promised to be back in time for their planned photoshoot. It’s something they had discussed for months. Their baby had grown, turning 3 years in December, and so they needed to capture the memories.

At about 11am he was back in their house at Githurai. His wife was busy dressing up their baby. He too needed to look good and within no time they were off for the plan of the day.

A smile hear, a smile there. A run, a walk, a bend. They had so much fun. The little girl was exhausted and at times would not cooperate. But it turned out good as planned.

The photoshoot lasted about 5 hours.

At 5 pm they left for another job at Juja Farm. Baba Talisha had been invited to a friend’s house for some photo shoot. And by 7.30 pm they were on their way home.

They never got home.

It’s along Thika Road where they encountered stationery vehicles on the road. Baba Talisha was driving. He had been using a client’s car for the day.

On the passenger’s seat was Mama Talisha. She was holding her 2.5 years old baby. On one hand she was scrolling through her phone listening to music.

Then it happened. Within no time they banged onto the stationery vehicles. Everything went silent. Husband, wife, and daughter crushed in darkness.

Baba Talisha regained consciousness after some time. He could see his motionless wife and daughter. But no one to help him. Cars would slow down have a look and then leave. He pleaded and pleaded. And still no help came by.

4 hours later, a good samaritan picked the little girl and rushed her to LIFELINE medical center. She was put on emergency treatment and soon after referred to KNH hospital for specialized management.

Mama Talisha was by then confirmed dead and her body put in a police car and taken to Kenyatta University Mortuary. A week later she was rested at their ancestral home in Busia. She died at 22.

All this night Baba Talisha was in his own world. His phone had crushed and did know who to reach.

He could only remember his brother’s mobile number back home in Busia. When he got someone to lend him a phone, he called his brother. The brother, sister and mother booked the next bus in the night. They arrived morning after.

Baby Talisha was transferred to KNH hospital where she was immediately put on life care support at Paediatric ICU (PICU) for more than 20days.

With tough COVID-19 restrictions, visiting the baby was a nightmare. Baba Talisha would however be allowed. This is the place he would find comfort for his grieving heart.

He would visit, talk to his motionless daughter, cry on the bedside and go home relieved.

Baby Talisha is a fighter. By the grace of God she has recovered from coma. She is now off the ICU and is recovering from the main ward. She can move her hands and even smiled for the first time yesterday.

She is on her way to recovery. She is daddy’s hope and strength.

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