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#EndSARS: “Be ready to face me in court” – 2019 presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba II tells Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

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Adamu Garba II has taken to his twitter page to charge Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey to court if the #EndSARS protest continues to bring crisis to Nigeria.

Adamu Garba II earlier sent a tweet to warn Jack to stay away from political matters going on the country and told him to stop his support of the #EndSARS protest

however, the 2019 presidential aspirant has now taken to his twitter page to charge Jack to court, accusing him that he has supported the protest, encouraging funding and sponsorship.

In Adamu Garba II words, he said;

Dear @jack, Sequel to my earlier message to you on meddling in Nigerian affairs where you actively supported, encouraged funding & sponsorship of #EndSars protest, should it lead to breaking of law & order, we’ll meet in court

I’d like to inform you to get set & face me in court

As you maybe aware, Nigeria is currently going through several issues regarding breaking of law and order in many cities, from prison break, to burning of a mall, destructions of properties and even lives. These actions should never be left without its attendant consequences.

You must be prepared to pay for the damages caused as a result of these protest-turned riots It’s important for you to know that Nigeria is a country governed by law & order, you should be prepared to face our justice system to ascertain our level of democracy you wish to injure

Your meddling into a sovereign Nation, against the international principle of Right to Protect vested on democratically elected government, your gross abuse of previledge by using your platform to inflame an otherwise tensed country, putting our people at risk should be answered.

Adamu Garba II went further to state out the penalties and fines he will face for supporting the protest

You must be prepared to: 1. Pay fine and compensate for the damage you have caused this country. 2. Open a local office in Nigeria, employ local labor, pay local tax to continue to operate in Nigerian internet space. 3. Publish a written apology to Nigerian people & Government.

Adamu then talked about the silence of African nation and how they will no longer be silent

Furthermore, since the Berlin conference, where African future was “shared” among the European Powers, African was absent & silent. We will no longer be silent in the 21st Century any longer. You shall have to understand that Africa is a continent of law & traditions & customs.

He continued,

You cannot colonize us by using our resources in the 19th Century, Colonize our industries in the 20th Century and now colonize us using information war on your scheming for a divide and rule by chaos, uprising and disorder. Nigeria and Nigerians cannot allow that to happen.

From Kano to Kalabari, Oyo to Kororofa, Arochukwu to Zaria, Benin to Bornu, Sokoto to Ife to Borgu, Nigeria is a nation with Kingdoms, Empires & peopled with History and values, If you cannot mutually treat us as a fellow humans of one community, we shall not let you destroy us.

As a Nigerian Citizen, a committed patriot and a stakeholder in the Nigerian Project, you shall meet me in court to answer for your meddling in the affairs of a sovereign Nation without @UN council resolution. As a private citizen, you have to and should face the consequences.

Expect our court summon shortly.

Thank you


Nigerian Citizen.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is yet to reply Adamu. we will keep you updated of latest development

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