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Meet The Woman Who Burnt Her Husband Alive, Then Reported Herself To The Police

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she did not only burn her husband alive inside their home, she also went to report herself to the police after doing it

When we talk about domestic violence, we forget to mention the mental breakdown that accompanies it. Most victims aren’t mentally stable after facing years of abuse especially if it is from their partners.

In some occasion, these people take out their mental disorder on their abuser and the story of Francine Hughes is one of such.

Her case is spectacular because she did not only burn her husband alive inside their home, she also went to report herself to the police after doing it.

Francine’s suffering began 13 years before when she married James “Mickey” Hughes.

The first time he hit her was just shortly after their wedding. Francais said that

 “I bought some new clothes and he ripped them off me,” she recalled. “I don’t know whether I looked too pretty or what, but he didn’t want me to look that way. But though Mickey seemed remorseful at first, his abuse became a pattern.”

Just like many others, Francine believed he was not going to hit her after that first time but she was wrong. He continued hitting her.

At some point, Francine could not take it any longer, she spoke to a local social worker and decided to get a divorce but Mickey ignored the divorce degree and kept going to see Francine anytime she wanted. He still always beat her even but then, she took him back after he had a serious car crash. When he got better, he resumed beating her and this time, it was worse.

On the particular night, he was killed, Mickey got mad at her for attempting to enrol in secretarial school with her mother’s assistance.

had abused Francine in front of their children, ripped up textbooks from her secretarial courses, and then forced her to have s*x with him, threatening to kill her. He forced her to burn her books, demanded she drop out, and threatened to destroy her vehicle.

Francine got so scared and she immediately called the cops. They came to the house but they refused to arrest Mickey, giving the excuse that they didn’t see him abuse her. She felt so helpless.

When the officers left, Mickey beat her again and raped her. Then, he fell asleep.

When he slept, Francine quickly put her children in the car then went ahead to pour gasoline around Mickey’s bed, after which she lit a match. When she saw the house go up in flames, she drove to the Ingham County Jail to turn herself in. By the time firefighters reached the house, her husband had died of smoke inhalation.

When she was asked what came to her head when she did it, Francine said;

“I was thinking about all the things that had happened to me…all the times he had hurt me…how he had hurt the kids,” Francine told People. “I stood still for a moment, hesitating, and a voice urged me on. It whispered, ‘Do it! Do it! Do it!’”

There are so many men and women like Francine out there whose mental state has been tampered with as a result of domestic abuse.

If a quick step isn’t taken towards controlling and curbing this act, we might just have more dead people across the world.

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