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OMG!!! Check Out The 6 Deadliest Female Assassins Of All Time | No. 3 Targeted Just Policemen

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Who would have thought that women would be involved in the most dreadful profession ever.

Well, some women made history for their strategic involvement in assassination of important people. While some did it because they wanted to prove a point, others didn’t have a reason at all. 

Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Maria Jimenez (AKA La Tosca)

Mexican born most prolific female assassin, Maria Jimenez confessed to murdering 20 people for the notoriously dangerous Zetas drug cartel. Nicknamed La Tosca, Maria said she was paid around £1,400 per month to kill her victims – including rival drug traffickers and a police officer.

Shi Jianqiao Assassinated Her Father’s Killer In Public And Wasn’t Punished

Shi Jianqiao isn’t famous for killing a lot of people; rather, she’s known for killing a specific person who claimed had wronged her family – her father’s killer.

Back In 1925, Sun Chuanfang, a warlord in China, beheaded Shi Jianqiao’s father for leading an opposition force against him and paraded the head in public. Shi Jianqiao tracked Sun Chuanfang for 10 years before shooting him three times.

Instead of fleeing, she stuck around the scene to explain her actions by means of pamphlets, and, instead of being punished, she was freed because the act was determined to be an example of filial piety.

Idoia Lopez Riano’s Reputation Earned Her A Fearsome Nickname

The leader of the notorious ETA, Idoia Lopez Raino was nicknamed La Tigresa meaning ‘The Tigress’ because of her rumoured s3xual prowess which she used to seduce policemen before killing them. 

She was apprehended in France and tried for her crimes. Her long list of people which led to a 1,500-year prison sentence in 2003 but she only served 23 years. Her release caused outrage amongst her victims’ families.

In letters she wrote to the judges at the national court, she expressed great remorse for her crimes and said: “I committed an immense, terrible and awful error to believe that I should be a member of ETA. It is an irreparable error I feel every time I breathe.”

She was kicked out of the group as a result of her admissions.

Charlotte Corday’s Assassination Of Marat Changed the Perception Of Women

Charlotte Corday, a French revolutionary, was known as the Angel of Assassination for killing her target, the Jacobin leader Jean-Paul Marat on July 13, 1793. Marat had been in power during the Reign of Terror, and specifically the September Massacres, in which some 1,300 people were executed as potential enemies of the state.

Corday entered Marat’s apartment by claiming she had information of an uprising elsewhere in France and stabbed him with a kitchen knife in revenge for the massacres, knowing she’d be put to death for it. She was executed just four days after the assassination, with her actions consolidating a new era in gender relations in France.

Jeanette van Nessen

Considered the most famous female assasines in modern day, Jeanette van Nessen worked as a freelance killer and lived on a boathouse outside Hoorn, Netherlands.  

She reportedly charged over £80,000 per hit and did most of her work in South America. She was killed by members of an agent, Mossad she killed in the past. 

Avner Kaufman who was desperate for revenge tracked downJaanette to pay back the favour. She was cornered in her boathouse where she bled to death after being shot naked. 

The dramatic scene was later brought to life in the Steven Spielberg film, Munich, in 2005.

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