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See 10 Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal Number 7 Will Surprise You

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No one would have thought that some countries still see the need to legalize Prostitution in the world.

Amazingly, it is actually a recognized profession and a source of income to some countries. Check out the 10 countries that have legalized Prostitution. Well, this is in no particular order.

The first would be Costa Rica where Prostitution is a completely legal business in Costa Rica. In fact, it can be said to be a recognized profession. There are however some things that are considered illegal in Costa Rica. They include Pimping, prostitution rings, child prostitution and human trafficking. The said thing about the legality of prostitution here is that it has been made a destination of s*xual exploitation purposes for women and children who are being trafficked


The second is Finland. In Finland, s*x hawking is banned, but interested clients can still access to s*x hawkers with the use of personal ads and the internet. Finland has also banned the purpose or the pimping of a trafficked.

The third on this list is New Zealand. For as far back as 2003, Prostitution has been legalized in New Zealand. The country even has licensed brothels operating under public health and employment laws. This means that the workers get social benefits just like other employees in the country.

And the fourth is Austria where Prostitution is a source of income for the country – Austia makes money off prostitutes in the country. These prostitutes are required to register and undergo periodic health examinations. The rule is that they must be 19 years old or older and they must also pay their taxes.

The fifth that would be discussed is, Bangladesh. The only thing that isn’t legal in Bangladesh is male prostitution. Every other thing including pimping and owning of brothels are considered legal.

Then there is Denmark as the sixth country. In Denmark, prostitution was illegal in 1999, but the authorities wanted to keep watch over the industry. So they felt it would be easier to police a legal trade than an illegal one.

Canada is the seventh country that has legalized Prostitution. In Canada, it is legal to be a s*x worker, to be involved in pimping and to also own a brothel. What isn’t legal is to publicly market wares as a prostitute and to purchase sexual services.

The eighth country is Germany. The income Prostitution bring to Germany annually is about six billion Euros, with a clientele of an estimated 1.2 million. There are an estimated 400,000 prostitutes in Germany.

What the government however does is that it withholds a portion of these revenues to contribute to social benefits. These s*x workers are entitled to pensions, health insurance, a regular 40-hour-workweek, and the option to join s*x worker unions. But then, despite the nationwide laws, each city has the right to ban the profession in their area.

Greece comes as ninth on this life. For them, the minimum age for prostitution in Greece is 21 years. Also, the prostitutes are meant to register and update their medical card every two weeks. Asides from s*x trafficking, every other thing is allowed.

And finally, there is Colombia. Here, it is a legal thing to work in the s*x industry in Colombia. Pimping however is not allowed. Cities like Cartagena and Barranquilla in Colombia have them in higher numbers.

If these countries do not share in the sentiments that prostitution is a menace that should be curbed, who is anyone to say otherwise.

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