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See The Reason Husband Broke His Wife’s Legs While They Were Sleeping.

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This woman was sleeping in a snake printed pyjamas and her one foot was outside the blanket.

This woman was sleeping in a snake printed pyjamas and her one foot was outside the blanket. Well her husband thought it was a snake and he broke her that leg thinking that he was killing the snake. He was suprised to see his wife crying. When she moved the leg that was when he realized that he has broken his wife’s leg.

Sometimes the things that we wear can get us kiled. Just imagine sharing a bed with someone who is wearing a snake printed outfit, you will never sleep peacefully even the bad dreams that will be there will keep you awake the whole night.

Our clothes are an extension of our personality. They tell people who we are, where we come from, and what we care about in life if there is one advice a fashionista would give you, is that you dress according to what you always want or how you feel about yourself.

You feel mostly comfortable in your own skin when you wear clothes that reflect the real you. Clothes do not make the person, the person makes the clothes, by the way they are dressed and the style they have chosen to wear.

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