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Shocking!!! 12 Years Old Boy Sentenced To 7 Years In Juvenile Detention Center For Killing 1 Year Old

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little Rodney will stay at the Juvenile detention center till he is 19 years.

This year 2020 has been filled with a lot of tragedies and surprises. From the deadly coronavirus to the death of Kobe Byrant, Chadwick Bossman(Black Panther) and the list goes on.

No one imagined Nigerian Youth would protest against their government but it is currently happening.

According to a report in the US, a 12-year-old rapper known as Lil Rodney has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for shooting a 1-year-old baby in the US.

A Texas judge, Judge Kim, found Lil Rodney who is a juvenile Crips gang member guilty and has sentenced him to spend 7 years in a juvenile detention center.

The detention hearing which took place via zoom in September 2020, on the day the suspect turned 12 has now been released.

The judge continued: “You were here for… you’re on probation for arson and that is from 2019. And then, we got all kinds of promises. Most recently, I let you go. You keep cutting it [his ankle monitor] off, I’ve always let you go because you’re still young. I mean, you’re 11-years-old, right? So, I didn’t want to keep an 11-year–old in here.”

But the judge told him that every time they let him go, he keeps violating the conditions of his probation.

Judge Kim said: “So, you keep on running away, we keep on getting you back in here, make you stay a couple of days, you promise me you’re not going to cut it (ankle monitor) off, and you cried a couple of times about coming back here and then, this last time we let you out…”

The judge then asks another participant of the Zoom call: “Mr. Spence when was then last time we let him out?”

Spence replied: “He cut his monitor on 8/14 of this year.”

The judge then addressed the 12-year-old telling him that after promising he wouldn’t cut off his ankle monitor, he did it again.

Judge Kim then showed the boy a picture of himself holding a gun

“I know 11-year-olds aren’t supposed to have guns after they’ve been accused of shooting a baby. You swear to God, ‘On my mama’s name,’ ‘I’m not gonna cut off the monitor, I’m not gonna run off.”

Well, little Rodney will stay at the Juvenile detention center till he is 19 years.

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i love lil rodney

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