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Two Persons Feared Dead, Many More Severely Injured As SUV Crash Into #EndSARS Protesters

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Two persons dead, many others injured after a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) ran into a crowd of #ENDSARS protesters at Alagbado, Lagos.

In a viral video circulating online, a crowd gathered as youths carried away two lifeless bodies.

A medical team who volunteered was deployed around Amikanle area to take care of the wounded before those with severe injuries were moved to Cavesbury Hospital.

 According to some eye witnesses the silver SUV deliberately ran into the protesters in a bid to scare them off the road.

 Although the driver of the vehicle was yet to be identified, it was gathered that an angry mob destroyed the SUV as well as a tricycle involved in the accident.

 This is just one of the many people who have lost their lives  since the #EndSars protest started in Nigeria some days ago.

 With different hashtags the cry for the disbanding of Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) in Nigeria trended for days on twitter attracting   people from all of Africa and the world at large   to join the protest.

For those who do not know what SAR  stands for, it is Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a controversial Nigerian police unit that has been the target of nationwide protests demanding an end to police brutality. Police announced Sunday the unit will be dissolved.

“The excessive use of force by the police in response to the protests reveals the longstanding disregard for the right to life by Nigerian security forces,” Amnesty said.

As of now At least 12 people have died in protests over police brutality since the protest started.

Human rights group  says police have used excessive force against unarmed protesters since the protests started last Thursday.

“So far, Nigerian Police have killed at least 10 people since the start of protests against callous operations of SARS,” according to Amnesty International.

The agency said excessive use of force “without justifiable grounds is a crime under international law.”

“Amnesty International therefore calls for an urgent review of the use of force and firearms by police officers against protesters and thorough, independent and impartial investigation into all cases of violence including deaths that occurred during the #EndSARS protests,” Seun Bakare, head of programs at Amnesty International Nigeria, told CNN. 

Though  SARS has been disbanded a new tactical unit to replace the dissolved SARS will be known as Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT.

Former police officers from SARS will be part of the new unit but will undergo psychological and medical examinations to make sure they are fit, according to the inspector general of police, Mohammed Adamu.

“The officers are expected to undergo this process as a prelude to further training and reorientation before being redeployed into mainstream policing duties,” said Adamu.

One of the people who died in the protests was identified as Jimoh Isiaq, 20. He was killed by a stray bullets fired at protester.

He was standing some distance from the protesting crowd in Ogbomosho, southwest, Nigeria, his family says.

“The bullet police shot hit his abdomen and came out from the back,” Jimoh Kazeem, Isiaq’s elder brother

“Isiaq was very gentle and humble. I have not seen him fight anyone before. He is one of the pillars of our family. His death is very painful,” Kazeem added.

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