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Woman In Police Custody For Cutting Boyfriend’s Manhood In The Middle Of S3x

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A Spanish woman who in fury rage cut off her boyfriend’s genitals has been arrested by the police.

The victim sustained several knife injuries after she stabbed in several areas including the head, cheek and groin. He was rushed to the hospital in Mallorca, Spain by some kind-hearted people. According to the police, the victim was attacked by a woman who claimed to be in a relationship with him. She allegedly lured him to a parking area in town where they started making love.

The victim explains that he felt a sharp pain his private part and discovered that the woman was trying to cut off his testicles with a knife. He was stabbed multiple times in different parts of the body as the tried to defend himself. One pierced his cheek and the other left him with a head wound that required more than 10 stitches.

He then managed to run off and went to a shop to ask for help. The police were called and a female suspect arrested. Police have recovered two knives, one of which they believe was used in the attack and found bloodstains at the scene.

The man was taken to the hospital as there were fears that the wounds to his testicles would become infected. The woman has been released on bail. Police claim the attack was provoked by “jealousy” and the woman set a trap to tempt the victim to the car-park with the express intention of wounding him.  Earlier, she had seen him in a number of bars being “friendly” to other women, police say. The man is said to be recovering from injuries in the hospital.

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