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JUST IMAGINE!! See How Pastor Asked His Congregation To Drink From The Water He Bathed With {Video}

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The internet went agog when the video of a pastor asking his congregation to drink from the water he used to bathe went viral.

Men of God in the name of being holier than thou do really despicable things that can’t even be put into words.

Things that don’t happen in the earlier days now emerge every day, things that will blow everyone’s mind away. Things that ordinarily looks impossible or absurd is now the order of the day.

We hear and see so-called pastors ask their congregation to do something really unspeakable and they do it without even thinking twice.

It makes people wonder if these so-called men of God use some kind of superpower to command their congregation because it is hard to believe anyone in their right senses will actually do what these men of God tell them to do.

The internet went agog when the video of a pastor asking his congregation to drink from the water he used to bathe went viral.

In the viral video, the Ghanaian pastor who reportedly heads the Endtime Church Of Nation could be seen in just boxers, taking a dip in a barrel inside the church.

He did this three times then mumbled some words in a local Ghanaian dialect before asking his congregation to come and have a sip of the water one after the other.

According to reports from local news platforms, the church members were told that drinking the bathwater will bring them blessings, a revelation from God.

According to him, his church teaches and prepares people for the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Watch the video below:

The other day, controversial on-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, reacted to the news of popular pastor, Adeboye, talking about building a church auditorium the size of Ibadan.

Pastor Adeboye had claimed God told him he would not die till he has built a church auditorium as big as one of the biggest cities in West Africa, Ibadan. 

Daddy Freeze responded by saying the country doesn’t need a church as big as that instead, it needs factories the size of Ibadan. 

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