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MAD Ooo!! Meet Lady Who Gave Birth To “Surprise Baby” On The Toilet

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Aymee Almeida, a 20-year-old woman from Brazil, gave birth to her first child alone inside a bathroom. There was no one to offer help because Almeida didn’t know she was pregnant.

In a bizarre turn of events, a 17-year-old girl gave birth to her baby but had no clue about being pregnant.

Aimee Stevens said she was sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night when she noticed a baby’s legs and bum sticking out of the toilet.

Naturally, she was in a state of disbelief for a while. But three days ago, Aimee was told she was pregnant as part of a three-monthly contraceptive injection, reported Metro UK.

What followed was more than just shocking for the teenager. Aimee was told she was just 5-6 weeks pregnant and her baby isn’t due for several months. But just three days after being told about her pregnancy, Aimee gave birth to her son in her toilet.

Meanwhile, after giving birth, Aimee scooped her baby out of the toilet and went to her bedroom before shouting out to wake up her mother, Becki.

Becki reacted with calm and poise and tied the umbilical cord with a strip of fabric torn from Aimee’s apron. She then called the ambulance.

According to doctors, Aimee’s baby boy weighed 2.3 kgs and was around 38 weeks at birth.

Surprisingly, both Aimee and her new born were healthy after the delivery and had to spend just three days in the hospital.

Aimee turned 18 in May this year. She named her son Ché.

“I stood up and there he was in the u-bend, I could see little bent legs and a bum, so I picked him up and walked into my room.

“I still think about that night a lot.’ It’s so confusing, but when Ché first smiled at me it was just amazing, and I can’t think what I ever did before I had him now,” she said.

More ‘Surprise, Mommy’ cases

Back in May, a 23-year-old ballet dancer revealed in a video that she found out about her pregnancy just two hours before giving birth. Lizzie Quah, a teacher from Illinois, shared her shocking story in a series of TikTok videos. She said she had no idea about her pregnancy and found out she was in labour only two hours before the delivery.

Aymee Almeida, a 20-year-old woman from Brazil, gave birth to her first child alone inside a bathroom. There was no one to offer help because Almeida didn’t know she was pregnant.

Grace Meacham, 32, from West Sussex, was unaware that she was 37 weeks pregnant as she had no visible baby bump, was taking her contraceptive pill “religiously” and still had periods.

Grace woke up early in the morning to use the washroom. As soon as she sat down, the mum-of-four felt an unmistakable sensation of her waters breaking. The terrified woman let out a scream

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