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Meet Lady Who Bites The Manhood Of An Armed Robber

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A recent news have it that, a young Lady who is in her 20s has bite off a manhood of an armed robber who went to steal her.

The rate at which arm robbery activities are becoming rampant is getting out of hand. In as much as every country experience some sort of this criminality every year, this year’s own has turn to worsen than anticipated.

A recent news have it that, a young Lady who is in her 20s has bite off a manhood of an armed robber who went to steal her.

A video sighted on Adom TV channel have it that, the lady who stays with her mother was left alone in the house that fateful day after her mother has traveled.

She stated that, in her sleep she heard the steps of someone who came to the house. She didn’t see anything again until she realised the armed robber has rapped her after she arrose from her sleep.

She asked the robber what his mission was and he told her she is in to take all her belongings. The poor lady requested him not to kill her but rather take everything he needed.

On a request, the robber asked the lady to suck his manhood so that he sleep with her again before he leaves the house. As a way of giving in to his demand, the Lady bite off his manhood. As a pay back, the armed robber in returns bite the back of the lady as well.

The pains the lady was going through led her to visit the near by hospital for medical attention. As she was there, she saw the armed robber coming to the same hospital for treatment.

The lady said she called the police to arrest him immediately.

Talking to Adom news, she stated emphatically that, the guy made his way through her the first time and had wanted the second time which led to the bite.

As at now, the lady has been discharged from the hospital while the guy whose manhood has been cut off is receiving treatment while on the grips of Police.

The Police who arrested the guy explained that, all necessary measures will be put in place to make sure he is sent to court for prosecution.

He commended the lady for making such a bold decision and taking an action of that sort.

Ending his talk, he warned the public to be ware of robbery activities as the year is getting to an end.

Meanwhile, some of these armed robbers have been reported to have killed many top officials in Ghana. Among these are the Mp for Mfantseman, Kings and other respected people who were murdered in the course of their robbing.

The killing of the MP for Mfantsepem really shocked Ghanaians due to the era and the manner at which he was murdered. As a way of compensating his wife, the NPP has therefore asked her to stand in place of her husband in vying for the position of the MP.

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