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See How This Man Scammed People From Kirikiri Prison Yard

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A convicted internet fraudster in Nigeria who was already serving his jail terms in Kirikiri, once again masterminded a fresh mega scam of over $1million while he was in prison.

Anyone would think that once a person has been taken to court and landed in jail, all criminal activities are over for that person. It then becomes very shocking when there is news of prisoners still perpetrating criminal activities inside the prison.

Well, fraud got a new twist when Hope Olusegun Aroke, a convicted internet fraudster in Nigeria who was already serving his jail terms in Kirikiri, once again masterminded a fresh mega scam of over $1million while he was in prison.

It was gathered that Olusegun allegedly pulled this heist right from the prison. He was said to have used a network of accomplices and all of these people were targets of fraud and money laundering investigation. He reached his limit when he exploited bowels of the maximum correctional centre following intelligence received by the EFCC.

It was shocking when reports stated that Olusegun had access to internet and mobile phone in the prison. What was expected was that he would be serving his jail term and that was seemingly impossible.

The height of it was when it was also gathered that Olusegun would feign to be sick and would then be taken to the Nigerian Police Hospital in Falomo. From the hospital, he would then move out to lodge in hotels, he would even meet with his wife and two kids. As if that wasn’t enough, Olusegun was also attending other social functions during this period he was supposed to be at the hospital.

While in prison, Olusegun was said to have bought a property of N22 million at Fountain Spring Estate, Lekki Lagos. He also bought a Lexus RX 350 2018 model which he registered in his wife’s name, Maria Aroke.

Olusegun also had access to his wife’s bank account token in prison, and he used this token to freely transfer funds.

As a matter of fact, while his trial was still ongoing, he was said to have bought a four-bedroom duplex of N48 million at Lekki County Homes, Lekki, for N48 million.

Olusegun had been initially arrested by the EFCC sometime in 2012. When he was arrested, he claimed to be a student of Computer Science at the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University, Malaysia. However, EFCC’s investigation fingered him as the arrowhead of a sophisticated web of internet fraud scheme that navigates two different continents

When he was arrested in 2012, the EFCC operatives went on a search to his apartment. There, they found several items which included laptops, iPad, travelling documents, cheque books, flash drives, internet modem, and three exotic cars – a Mercedes Benz jeep, One 4Matic Mercedes Benz Car and a Range Rover Sport SUV.

Olusegun was charged to court and was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment on each of the two counts he was convicted for.

It was while he was serving this jail term that he pulled off another mega scam. When his whistle was blown, EFCC began investigating the officers who aided his movement from the hospital to hotels and other social engagements. In fact, Olusegun went ahead to open two accounts with two new generation banks with a name, Akinwunmi Sorinmade.

The two officers names Oluwaniyi and Edwin, who were in charge of the prison clinic, were said to have been arrested on by operatives of the commission.

Come to think of it, if criminals still have so much influence even in the prison, then there is no point arresting them in the first place? It makes one wonder if there is really any security system in the country.

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