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Shocker!! Meet Controversial Pastor Who Claims He Has Performed More Miracles Than Jesus Christ

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According to the controversial man of God, he has performed more miracles than Jesus Christ. He is heard in the viral video saying:

Ghanaian Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim and the leader of the International God’s Way Church sure knows how to stir up controversy when he wants to. The pastor was once seen in a video bragging to his congregation about his miracle performing prowess.

According to the controversial man of God, he has performed more miracles than Jesus Christ. He is heard in the viral video saying:

“Jesus said ‘the Miracles am performing, the wonders and the signs; those who believe in me, you can perform more than that’.Jesus was making reference to this that he didn’t have enough time so he curtailed his time. He worked for about three and a half years then he left but those of us now have more time.”

“I Angel Obinim, I have worked for so many years more than that of my father and the miracles, the angelic performances, the wonders and signs that I have performed; they are countless because I have enough time.”

The same so-called man of God had declared that he is no longer an angel of God.

Obinim claimed he has now graduated from being an ordinary angel to Jesus Christ the saviour and the son of God.

In a video believed to have been recorded in the Accra branch of his church, one of his members was spotted confronting Obinim saying, 

”Angel, you lied to us. You are not an angel but rather Jesus Christ.“

Obinim called on his junior pastors to join him to celebrate his new ‘Jesus’ title in front of the congregation.

Earlier this year, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out, Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim reportedly launched an anointing oil brand to fight the virus.

He claimed the oil will protect his church members and members of the public who wants to be protected from the coronavirus.

According to, the oil is meant to repel the Coronavirus from its bearers.

Obinim claimed the oil could be applied as a repellent to defend one both physically and spiritually from the virus.

Daniel Obinim, who claimed he will soon be rubbing shoulders and eating tutu, banku, chichinga, Waakye, shoko and akotonshi with God. He claimed God revealed the promise to him in a dream.

The pastor explained himself saying;

“I saw Jesus Christ in my dreams, who said: “-Collect this angelic gift.’

“So, if I’m faithful to Jesus Christ, maybe the next spiritual gift He will confer on me will be a replica of what happened in Exodus Chapter 7 in the Bible where God told Moses: “-Now I’ve made you a god, so whatever you say is final.” he continues

“But now God has not made me God. Maybe the next time God will say: ‘Obinim, now I’ve made you a god, you can even conjure up money.”

Speaking further, the controversial pastor said,

“I have more than 20 houses given to me by Jesus Christ. I had about eight Range Rover cars which I gifted to my pastors. I had five Infinity SUVs and three Chryslers which I also gifted to my pastors because my car is ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY’, meaning the car’s brainpower is superior to that of a human being.

“If you cross that car, it stops automatically, and its door is not slammed, it shuts by itself. It is also bulletproof,” he bragged.

Obinim was reportedly arrested in his church earlier this year. The police had received information that he was having a counseling session at the church and went straight there.

On getting there, Obinim told the police he needed a moment to change his cloth before leaving for the police station. He came out a few minutes later and claimed he couldn’t walk.

The police determined to effect the arrest took Obinim to a private hospital in East Legon and placed policemen by his side. He was taken to the court and granted GH¢100,000 bail with three sureties, one to be justified.

On September 9, the prosecution filed fresh charges against Bishop Obinim, which include conspiracy to publish false news, conspiracy to forge other documents, the publication of false news, and forgery of other documents.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bishop Obinim was initially standing trial on charges of publication of false news and forgery. He wasn’t available in court, his 

The police said Obinim is also under investigation for other offenses.

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