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TRAGIC!!! Father Rapes Daughter As A Form Of Punishment, See This Man Who Raped His Daughter For Falling In Love

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This is really outrageous but weirdly, this isn’t the first of its kind and then, it is really surprising how fathers would think the best way to punish their children is by raping them.

In a world where men continually abuse girls s*xually, the issue of rape will continually linger and really, it can’t be over flogged. The tragedy is that these days, the attention has shifted from random men raping innocent girls to rape happening in the homes. There have been sad situations of brothers raping their sisters and more ridiculously, fathers raping their daughters.

It gets even worse when these men are arrested and they claim that they have done this in a bid to punish them for something they have done wrong. Who punishes his child by s*xually abusing her?

 Well, an auto driver whose name will be withheld had allegedly raped his daughter as a means of punishing her for falling in love with a local boy.

 Whenever he is about to “punish her”, he would give the girl and her mother sleeping pills and then commit the crime once they had knocked out.

 For him, his anger was that his daughter was in a relationship with a boy in the colony which he wasn’t happy about. He then forced her to stop studies after she was done with SSC.

He then suspected that despite his effort, the girl was still in contact with the same boy and that got him really angry, so, he reportedly decided to rape her for not heeding to his advise to leave the boy.

He gave his wife and daughter the impression that he was giving them iron tablets, whereas he was actually giving them sleeping pills and this he did every night after dinner. The girl on the other hand, started complaining to her mother that she felt really uncomfortable anytime she woke up in the morning. 

Her father immediately went at her for always raising health complaints despite that he has been giving her iron pills. Just like he wanted, the girl stopped complaining and this allowed him to continue his cruel act.

However, the girl’s mother became very suspicious and then took a step which resulted to her finding out what he usually did to their daughter. Enraged, she rushed to report the case to the police, alongside her daughter.

At the police station, the police officers took their statements and also took the little girl to the hospital for medical examination.

This is really outrageous but weirdly, this isn’t the first of its kind and then, it is really surprising how fathers would think the best way to punish their children is by raping them.

There was also a case of a minor whose father did not only rape her after her step-mother accused her of stealing N200, he went ahead to impregnate her.

The girl narrated her ordeal saying;

“My stepmother always accused me of stealing her money and most times she beat me up. Sometime in June, my stepmother accused me of stealing her N200 and because of that, she said I should not go to school.

While I was doing the house chores, my daddy brought out a wire and started beating me. As he was beating me, he ordered me to sit on the bed and remove my pants. I initially refused, but as he continued beating me, I obeyed him and he raped me. As I was shouting, one of my neighbours came to knock on our door, but he told him that he was punishing me.

After the s*x, he told me that I should not tell anybody. He was the one that washed the clothes I was supposed to wash that day while I slept. After some time, I woke up and took my bath. I did not tell my stepmother anything”

It is really sad that there is no one to protect the girls anymore because everyone seems compromised – even their own fathers.

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