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WAWU!!! See Nigerian Playboy Floss Six Pregnant Women Claiming He is The Father Of All The Kids

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A Nigerian socialite and nightclub owner Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu – who goes by the name Pretty Mike – claimed he is the dad of all six babies.

A Nigerian socialite raised eyebrows by turning up at a wedding with six stunning pregnant women on his arm – and claims he is the father of them ALL.

Nightclub owner Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu – who goes by the name Pretty Mike – claimed he is the dad of all six babies.

4 Pretty Mike claims he is living his ‘best life’ as an expectant father of six babies from six different ‘baby mothers’ Credit: prettymikeoflagos/Instagram

The outlandish playboy stole the show with his extraordinary entourage at the wedding of his actor pal Williams Uchemba.

Sporting an unmissable fuchsia pink collarless suit, the Lagos-based socialite was photographed flanked by the bevy of heavily pregnant stunners in matching figure-hugging silver outfits.

In a video posted on his Pretty Mike of Lagos Instagram account, the flamboyant entrepreneur greets each of his supposed girlfriends with kisses and belly rubs as they enter the wedding venue.

Grinning broadly in the pictures and video, Pretty Mike took to his social channels to explain: “PM and his 6 Baby Mothers to be….no film trick, we are just living our best life #ABetterTime #HappyHome #Familyiseverything #babybum”

The bizarre scene got a mixed response, with one social media user accusing Pretty Mike of upstaging the bride and groom.

“Pretty Mike turned up at Williams Uchemba’s wedding with 6 pregnant women. He was there at the door rubbing their belly,” they commented.

“This is one reason I must have heavy military presence at my wedding venue. You’ll not come and chase clout on my special day.”

Another person wrote: “Pretty Mike needs to be placed in the psychiatric intensive care section, he’s obviously exhibiting some symptoms of mental illness.”

4 Pretty Mike raised eyebrows by showing up at his pal’s wedding with 6 pregnant beauties, claiming he’s the dad of all the babies Credit: prettymikeoflagos/Instagram

4 Attention-grabbing Pretty Mike rubbed and kissed the bellies of his ‘baby mothers’ as they arrived at his friend’s wedding party Credit: prettymikeoflagos/Instagram

Attention-grabbing social media posts are run of the mill for Pretty Mike, who has co-owned Club Uno in Lagos with his brother since 2007.

The limelight-loving businessman is regularly pictured showcasing his lavish lifestyle in garish outfits, including feathered white wings, horned headgear and with his trademark umbrella in a variety of colours.

In his latest Instagram post, the computer engineering graduate – who went to school and university in the US – has shared an eyebrow-raising video in bed with four seemingly-naked women.

The video shows Pretty Mike and the four beauties cuddled up in bed as he wakes up, stretches his arm around them and smiles, before the shot pans to five pairs of bare feet poking out from under the crisp white sheets.

Pretty Mike is a renowned for being a playboy in Nigeria and has been open about his relationships and the women he dates, although he has said he is planning to get married this year.

No stranger to controversy, Pretty Mike was arrested by the Lagos State government in 2017 for dehumanising and degrading behaviour after posting videos and photos of him walking women on dog leads.

Pretty Mike’s dramatic entrances are regular photo ops in Nigeria – last year he was pictured arriving at an event reclining on a chaise longue carried by six burly men, who were wearing only white shorts and a white mask.

4 Pretty Mike has previously posted controversial snaps of his dramatic entrances including being carried into an event by six semi-naked men Credit: prettymikeoflagos/Instagram

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