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AMAZING!!! See Why Doctors Bowed Their Heads For This Boy When He Died

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This boy is from Shenzhen, China. Liang Yao was an exceptional student with high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creativity amongst others.

The world is full of me first, self- centred and selfish human beings and finding truly selfless people, the ones who think about others other than themselves becomes very difficult. An 11- year- old boy named Liang Yao is amongst the few individuals who fall into the category of selflessness.

This boy is from Shenzhen, China. Liang Yao was an exceptional student with high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creativity amongst others. When he was a little boy he had 2 main goals in his life of which all were related to helping people and he wanted to become either one of them. The first was that he wanted to become a hero and the second, if he could not become a hero, he would become a doctor.

Unfortunately, when he turned 9 years old, Liang Yao was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This little kid had to endure this deadly disease. At sometimes he would recover and come back even stronger. He never gave up and continued to battle this disease. To bystanders, this boy was a hero who never gave up.

When he was eleven years old the disease progressed and became severe. The surgeries and the treatment no longer had any significant effect and this meant that there were little to no chance of recovery. Liang Yao had few moments to live the rest of his life. Most individuals who experience this go into a state of devastation and much worry but on the side of Liang, there came the opposite. He was calm and cheerful as if nothing happened to him.

Before Liang passed away he told his mother that he would like to donate his organs to other children and save them. Indeed this boy did not want other people to go through the same pain that he had been through. As you would guess, his mother was amazed by his son’ s decision and did not think a child can do this.

It is most probably the boy read about organ donation and shortage of organ for transplantation as it is a big problem in China. Liang Yao left the world after this and the doctors gave his livers and kidneys to sick children who needed them and the boy saved 2 lives in the process. The doctors and other staff were moved because of this boy’ s selflessness and courage and they bowed 3 times before his body to show their grief and upmost respect. Though Liang’ s dream could not come true, he did more that one can ever imagine.

Now it is time to make your voice heard. What would you say about this boy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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