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BUSTED!! See How Fake Prophet Kills, Buries 25 Year Old Housewife He Met Online For Money Ritual

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A prophet of Cherubim and Seraphim is currently cooling off in police custody after he was arrested for allegedly killing a 25- year- old housewife identified as Bosede Oguntade in Oyo state.

A prophet of Cherubim and Seraphim, Dotun Ogunlade, has been arrested by the Ondo police for allegedly killing and burying a woman

– According to reports, Ogunlad met the 25- year- old housewife, Bosede Oguntade, via Facebook

– Ogunlade reportedly strangled her to death on her visit from Ilorin to seek help from him for her spiritual problems

A prophet of Cherubim and Seraphim is currently cooling off in police custody after he was arrested for allegedly killing a 25- year- old housewife identified as Bosede Oguntade in Oyo state.

According to reports, the man identified as Dotun Ogunlade strangled her to death on hwer visit to see him in Oyo state to seek help for her spiritual problems. Police Commissioner Shina Olukolu, who led a team of policemen to where the woman was buried, said the head and arms of the victim were cut off before she was buried.

Police reports reveal that on her arrival in Igboora, the fake prophet told her to first get over the stress of her trip, by taking depressants. He said Ogunlade allegedly injected her with a heavy dose of depressants and subsequently overpowered and strangled her.

Olukolu said Oguntade’ s head and arms were removed for rituals while the remaining body parts were buried in a shallow grave at Ogboja, Igboora.

Speaking to press, the police chief further revealed: ” Further investigation revealed that parts of her body were burnt and ground into powder for rituals to become powerful and rich. Two knives used to kill and cut her body parts, a white clothing bag containing substance inside a gourd where the alleged powdery parts were kept and a bottle of Stallion Schnapps were also recovered. “

Addressing reporters, Ogunlade said he gained experience from his former boss who was also a prophet of Cherubim and Seraphim.

He said: ” The woman and I have been chatting on facebook since January. I later invited her to Igboora. Mutiu, a friend of mine, had told me about his challenges. He told me he was ready for money rituals. So, I decided to use the woman for money for him.

” When the woman later arrived from Ilorin, I went to pick her and bring her to Igboora from Iseyin. On her arrival in my house on May 31, I gave her sleeping dr*gs after she complained of body pains. She slept off and I cut off her head and arms. Her head was later burnt to ashes for money rituals, ” Ogunlade said.

A 38- year- old mother of two identified as Tynell Lindsey was recently killed by her husband in what appeared to be a case of domestic violence.

According to reports, 36- year- old Jason Lindsey had reportedly strangled and stabbed her to death after she confronted him over prophylactics she found on him, accusing him of cheating.

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