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One Stabbed, Two Shot By Cultists In Delta State

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Last night, the incident took place under the Bomadi Bridgehead, commonly known as Underbridge or NPA, which is a beehive with beer parlours, restaurants and a renowned nightclub.

Two individuals suffered serious bullet wounds, with one seriously stabbed as two cult groups clashed in Bomadi, the headquarters of Delta State’ s Bomadi local government area.

Last night, the incident took place under the Bomadi Bridgehead, commonly known as Underbridge or NPA, which is a beehive with beer parlours, restaurants and a renowned nightclub.

” Bomadi’ s youth president, Comrade Ebiwarebo Lucky, who witnessed the incident, said: ” The incident took place between a few minutes and 10 p. m. when I heard several gunshots under the bridge very close to my house.

” I found out later that it was a dispute between two cult groups, the Greenlanders and the Bobos. They clashed earlier on Sunday night, from the details at my disposal, and this was a continuation of the clash on Sunday.

The Greenlanders invaded the place, a commercial hub with bars and restaurants, sporadically firing deadly gunshots at two people while repeatedly stabbing one.

” Then, as they fled the scene, they started stealing, snatching people’ s phones, ATM cards and cash. None of the victims were involved in cult rituals and were rushed to the General Hospital of Bomadi.

Shortly after the incident, the youths of the group began a manhunt for the leader of the Greenlanders in his village, Ogriagbene, but could not get him.

” We appeal to the HPM, Bomadi council area, which oversees the council area in its capacity to re- engage the community vigilante group as the cult boys are armed, please. “

” Nonetheless, when contacted, the DPO, Bomadi Police Division, Patrick Uebari, said: ” I learned of this, of course, and I sent my surveillance team out.

The police are really in a sympathetic state in this region, because if you call stakeholders to bring heads together to make it possible for us to work better, everybody pays a deaf ear. So, to patrol this area, we had to hire vehicles.

The person who told you about this incident had credible information; the community chairman and the youth president were at the scene when the operation was carried out by these people.

This suggests that in their presence, if they had taken the community mission seriously, such a thing might not have occurred. Their appearance was supposed to have been adequate to scare away these cult boys.

” Until this moment, as community leaders, these people did not call me about the incident, but I got information from another source and we are trying to find out about these boys’ hiding places. “

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