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She Stole An IPhone 12 And Got Caught, See What The People Did To Her That Has Got The Attention Of Many

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One woman who decided not to buy an iPhone 12 but made up her mind to steal has really got many talking because she was really caught in the scene of stealing and got punished.

iPhone 12 is in town and many are dying to use this very beautiful and expensive phone no matter what, anyhow, anyway.

One woman who decided not to buy but made up her mind to steal has really got many talking because she was really caught in the scene of stealing and got punished.

A video have been going viral for hours now, it showed what a group of angry men did to a lady who allegedly stole an iPhone 12. The details about how this lady managed to steal the expensive phone isn’ t yet known but she was later caught after the owner raised an alarm about his missing phone.

The viral video lasted for 2 minutes and it showed how badly she was beaten by angry men after they found the missing phone on her. The phone was returned back to the owner but the lady wasn’ t spared, angry men descended on her with whips, kicks and punches. She was kicked on the head several times, beaten badly and dragged. The lady pleaded with them to stop beating her but they refused.

(The iPhone 12 that she allegedly stole)

Instead of handing her over to the police, these men beat her up badly and injured her. She did a very bad thing but it’ s wrong to beat her up in such a way.

Nigerians reacted to this and most of them weren’ t happy with the way the lady was beaten badly while some made it clear that she deserved it. Check out a few reactions below

King Abayomi said ” No matter what gender it is, this is all shade of wrong we ain’ t in a banana Republic. There is a law, let her be arrested and face the law. Innocent until found guilty. This was how SARS started before they grew wigs.

Many kept on speaking against those brutalizing her.

Some also sincerely said that its too much.

A fellow lady was also in tears for the stealer.

Jungle Justice isn’ t the way forward, what those men did was very wrong. They could have handed her over to the police instead of beating her mercilessly. What do you think?

Lets see your views about this. But before that, follow this channel for more. Thank you.

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