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White House orders resignation of all political appointees of Trump

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The White House has ordered all political appointees of President Donald Trump to resign, Washington Post reports.

The appointees, ranging from ambassadors to schedulers, are to resign on Inauguration Day, Jan 20.

President Trump administration had stalled this formality for weeks as the outgoing leader disputed the election outcome.

A White House directive was emailed to agency heads on Thursday that political appointees must resign their appointments on Jan. 20, as President-elect Joe Biden takes over the office.

The order was issued by the deputy White House chief of staff, Chris Liddell, who has been leading transition arrangements with the Biden team and was first reported by Politico.

The call for appointees resignations followed Trump’s statement early Thursday that there would be an orderly transfer of power come January 20.

Before now the White House had refused to issue the call for resignations since November 2020 when Biden was confirmed winner of the presidential election, because Trump rejected Biden’s victory and file a flurry of court cases challenging the voting results in the courts.

Every outgoing administration in the US is expected to issue the order between Election Day and mid-December.

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