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YAWA!!! “Marry Her Or Go To Jail” Man Who Raped Mad Woman Forced To Choose

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A Ugandan man who forced a mad woman into having s3x with him has been given two options either to be jailed for 10 years or to stay with the madwoman as his wife.

In disturbing, yet hilarious reports making rounds in social media, an Uganda man who pleaded guilty to s3xual harassment to a mad woman was given a choice between marrying her or going to jail for the crime.

According to reports from the media, the guy forced the woman in question to have s3x and was given two options either to be jailed for 10 years or to stay with the madwoman as his wife.

First of all, what did the guy go looking for with a mad woman? Did he not find anyone worthy to have s3x with?

Many would say he already have problems with getting a woman and that is why he resorted to rape, but that is the greatest excuse of the century as anyone can get laid if he only goes to a brothel or get a call girl to come to service him at his own comfort zone.

Another angle to this is that the man could have done the deed for ritual, nefarious purposes, but reports have it that after being quizzed by the police, he claimed that he only decided to have s3x with her because he wanted to and had no ulterior motives.

Issues like this bring to remembrance a similar incident that happened somewhere in the Niger Delta.

In that incident, soldiers of the Joint Military Task Force guarding the riverine communities against oil bunkerers and militants reported having heard some noises coming from a community toilet very near the river bank, where they were standing guard.

It was the wee hours of the morning so they decided to go to investigate. On getting there, they found two people getting down and dirty. To their surprise, the lady in the scene was the village insane woman and a member of the community.

While they were still trying to get their wits about the whole situation, the mad woman finally raises her head, disturbed by the flashlight, and says, “wetin happen? You no know say we dey do?” (what happened don’t you know that we are doing it?).

The soldiers immediately got the memo and went their jolly way. And even when they see the man involved, they just look the other way and accept life for what it is.

One thing most people do not accept is the fact that mad people are also people with their desires and cravings. They get to have bodily functions just like the average sane man.

They are capable of getting pregnant, they menstruate –some reports even have it that some mad women have successfully had and taken care of children.

On the issue of the Ugandan man getting to choose, I’d say that is a great idea. Let him understand that rape is rape. And s3x has to be with the other party’s consent.

This would serve as a lesson to those who want to take advantage of mad people, taking them as underclass citizens. You either marry her or go to jail.

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