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See the Moment a Lady Voice Out She Needs A Husband, But what She Seek of the man will chock you

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A young beautiful lady who is identified on Facebook as Angel Uba has taken to her Facebook page to reveal the kind of man she wants as husband. She did this while sharing her photos on the popular Facebook group called Rant Extension a few hours ago.

It is true that ladies love hardworking and successful men in their life, they want someone who can afford to take care of their daily needs and that of the children when they are born. Again, in addition to love, care and attention lots of ladies demand from their men, other qualities follow which most of them used as yardstick to measure the level of a man’s success and achievement. These could be the number of cars he has in his garage, the number of houses he has in town, the amount of money he has in his bank account, his level of education, his fluency in speaking good and simple English, his monthly salary, and so on.

However, although some ladies lay little or no emphasis on the material possessions of a man, others don’t joke with it as they want to marry a wealthy and rich young man. This is the case of this young beautiful lady who said she wants to get married to man who has a car, house and private jet. She wants to marry someone who has all the qualities in one person, is this even possible?

According to her post, the man she wants to marry must be at least 35 years old, handsome, tall, slim, has a private jet, house, car and comes from a good and god-fearing background. As I am drafting this article right now, different thoughts have occupied my mind; Is having a private jet a criterion for getting married? Does private jet assures someone of a happy home? What does she really wants, a husband or a business partner? These and many others are questions that need answers because I am very confused and weak right now. Group members have reacted as you have seen here.

This young lady is very beautiful, but don’t you think the price tag she places on her self is too expensive? Can an average man afford a private jet? What is so special about a private jet?

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