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See the moment White man, a US Army Sergeant harasses black man for taking a walk in his neighbourhood (video)

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The white man, Jonathan Pentland, a United States Army sergeant first class, is currently trending after a video showing him harassing a black man for taking a walk in his neighbourhood went viral on Twitter

A viral video shows the moment a white man harassed a black man taking a walk in his own neighbourhood and asked him to walk out of the neighbourhood because ”he doesn’t belong there.”

The white man, Jonathan Pentland, is a United States Army sergeant first class, and he’s currently trending on Twitter after the video went viral.

He’s being accused of being a racist and viewers have reported him to his boss.

In the video, Jonathan and his family are seen harassing and threatening a young black man, named Deandre, who explained he was just taking a walk in the neighbourhood in Columbia, South Carolina.

Jonathan asked the man to walk out of the neighbourhood and hinted at violence if he doesn’t.

P?ntland can b? heard in th? vid?o saying “What is it that you’re doing here?”

He added: “You can walk away or i’ll carry you out of here.”

The black man explained that he lives in the neighbourhood but Jonathan and his family didn’t believe him and Jonathan told him, “You’re in the wrong neighbourhood, motherf**ker.”

At some point during the encounter, DeAndre tells the family to call the police and Jonathan’s wife, Cassie Pentland, tells him the police have already been called.

Jonathan Pentland and his wife, Cassie

Jonathan claims in the video that he knows everyone in the community since he has been living there for a long time and has never seen Deandre’s face. But the public record shows he only bought the house 10 months ago.

The video was posted on Facebook by a Columbia woman, Shirell Johnson, who said she was walking in the neighborhood with a friend, Vinnetta Yvonne Knight Osborne, on Monday, April 12, 2021, when she saw the incident unfolding.

Johnson said in a Facebook post the video was recorded by a “young lady,” Shadae, and given to her to post online. Johnson said she, Shadae and her friend did not know Deandre before Monday night.

Johnson said the incident occurred on a public sidewalk in Columbia’s Summit area.

Pentland also allegedly broke Deandre’s phone after kicking and insulting him, Johnson said.

The video ends as Johnson and her friend walk up and intervene.

According to Johnson, DeAndre lives in the Summit neighborhood not far from where the incident occurred in a planned community called The Lakes at Barony Place. She said he has been “walking plenty of times and he lives in the summit!”

She added, “Deandre was calm throughout.”

Hundreds of Twitter users forwarded the video to Fort Jackson Commanding General Milford Beagle Jr. and asked him if such behaviours are acceptable from his staff.

General Milford responded: “This is by no means condoned by any service member. We will get to the bottom of this ASAP.”

Meanwhile, Columbia residents have reached out to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department asking why charges weren’t filed.

One woman wrote on Facebook on the department’s page, “Why was Jonathan Pentland only issued a citation for property damage when he is on the video clearly assaulting a young man and there were multiple witnesses stating they saw the assault Who was the RCSD supervisor who issued the directive not to proceed with assault charges? Why were the proper charges not filed? Is this the narrative that RCSD wants to support-that a stranger can walk up to you during your afternoon walk and assault you with no consequences?”

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