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'Game of Thrones' Episode 1 recap: You now know something, Jon Snow
4/15/2019 6:41 AM | 52 views

Samwell was NOT happy to hear about Daenerys' Tarlycue.SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven't watched Season 8, Episode 1 of "Game of Thrones," scramble onto your nearest dragon and fly away because this post is full of spoilers.Sweet relief! "Game of Thrones" is finally back, and to celebrate, everyone gets a reunion! Jon and Arya! Gendry and Arya! Jon and Sam! Tyrion and Sansa! Jaime and the creepy omniscient child he pushed off a tower mid-coitus all the way back in the very first episode!Bet you didn't see that one coming (unless you're Bran).When we left the gang at the end of Season 7, the Army of the Dead had breached the wall and were heading southward. While this is the most pressing issue of the entire series, one foretelling an epic battle of life and death, there is still time for a royal procession and various heart eyes, hugs and political squabbles before everyone gets their hands dirty.'GoT' Episode 1 sets stage for wild ride to finaleUnsurprisingly, the Northmen don't take it well that Jon has bent the knee to Daenerys and her fancy coat, and Sansa and Arya make it abundantly clear that they aren't down with a Targaryen coming in and acting like she owns the place. Jon hears this and, yes, he understands, but counterpoint: She has dragons and they are extremely fun to ride.He and Dany pull a "Whole New World" moment on Drogon and Rhaegal, and while it's beautiful and romantic, you may have gotten a twinge of foreboding when Dany looked at a frozen waterfall and said,"We could live here a hundred years and no one would know."The last time Jon canoodled with a woman in the craggy splendors of the north, he heard something similar: "I don't ever want to leave this cave, Jon Snow. Not ever," Ygritte told him in Season 3. "Let's not go back." But they did, and things went terribly.10 critical 'GoT' details to remember during the final seasonDany also has some pecadilloes to answer for, like the minor issue of using her dragon to rotisserie the father and brother of one of Jon's most trusted and important friends. Sam doesn't take well to the news of the Tarley-cue, and he finally tells Jon the truth: Jon is actually a Targaryen, and as much a royal as his beloved Dragon Queen. Also, she's his aunt, so ... there's a lot for him to unpack. (Spoiler Alert: The next five episodes are just Jon going to therapy.)Meanwhile, in parts south, Cersei cashes the check her mouth wrote and sleeps with Euron Greyjoy after he brings her the Golden Company. Maybe it's just a vibe, but it seems like the Golden Company's leader has absolutely no idea what he's gotten himself into and will not be pleased when he figures it out.Luckily, while Euron is otherwise engaged, Theon rescues Yara and they reconcile, but instead of hunkering down in the Iron Islands, where the Army of the Dead can't get him, Theon chooses to bail on her to go fight with Jon and Dany in the north. A Theon redemption arc is high on a lot of viewers' wish lists, but are they really telling us he could have opted out of this whole mess but instead chooses to get back into it? That boy will never have any sense.Also in the south: Qyburn, professional lurker, offers Bronn an obscene amount of cash to kill Jaime and Tyrion, two men the former sellsword truly admires. Can't wait to see how that pans out.This human pinwheel appears to be a cryptic message from the Night King.Finally Tormund, Beric and company meet up with Dolorous Edd and company at an abandoned Castle Umber only to discover a gruesome version of "The Army of the Dead wuz here" in the form of little Ned Umber, impaled among a spiral of severed arms.As the band of men discuss this horror, Ned's eyes suddenly turn blue and Beric has to literally set the whole array on fire. Just as soon as you thought "Game of Thrones" was getting soft by showing you 55 minutes of happy reunions and gratuitous nudity, they give you a shrieking, flaming undead-child pinwheel. Be careful what you wish for.Burning questionsSam's one of Jon's most trusted friends, and he's definitely NOT over the fact Dany roasted half of his family. Jon also didn't seem too thrilled that Dany didn't slip that little tidbit in among all the pillow talk and dragon riding. Will this affect Jon's rosy outlook on his queen/aunt/girlfriend?Will Arya ever stop being coy about the obscene amount of people she's killed?What can Bran and Jaime possibly have to say to each other?And is Cersei still pregnant? Tyrion mentions that she still has something to live for, but then Euron, ever the charmer, talks of putting a prince in her belly (UGH) and she gets that inscrutable Cersei look on her face. What's the deal?Best lineSansa: "What do dragons eat?"Daenerys: "Whatever they want."Forgive us but ... OOH, BURN!Best sceneFans have been frothing at the mouth for a Jon and Arya reunion for SIX SEASONS NOW. Are you happy? You should be happy. Tempered but tender. Stern but loving. And what better way for brother and sister to show their true affection than by comparing swords?It was a perfect illustration of their respective accomplishments and how far they've come to find their true selves. Jon is on the cusp of discovering his royal potential, shining in the Valyrian steel of his sword. And despite facing her facelessness, Arya has managed to hold on to Needle, and with it, her truest identity: A Stark of Winterfell.Ship watchGendry and AryaLook at Arya, being a normal human person and flirting with her long-lost blacksmith bud! Both of these crazy kids have been through some slop, so if they want to trade barbs and m'ladys and weapons commissions before the Army of the Dead destroys everything good and beautiful in the world, let them!Cersei and EuronRaise your hand if you absolutely did not need to know how good or bad Euron Greyjoy is at sex! Is that everyone? You in the back, too? Still, it seems like Cersei is more than happy to pick up what he is putting down. Will this this one-off transactional coupling morph into the dark ship of our nightmares? Seven hells.Death count~10 random Greyjoy grunts skewered by Theon +1 poor innocent Ned Umber +~10 armless Umbers (hey, those spiral limbs had to come from somewhere)______= 21 deaths. All in all, a very gentle "Game of Thrones" total.Stray observationsBran clearly knew Jaime was heading toward Winterfell. Which mean's there's probably some greater stakes to Jaime's visit beyond informing everyone of Cersei's treachery (duh).Cersei is crazy, but come on. Of course elephants shouldn't sail across the sea.Turns out, dragons are like cats. They absolutely WILL watch you get busy with your honey, and maintain eye contact throughout.Varys very clearly hates being cold and it is very relatable.One bold predictionSansa and Dany are going to be BFFs.The tension between Sansa and Daenerys is so intense (and well-justified), it wouldn't be surprising if there was a single event or exchange that flipped their whole vibe and drew these two intelligent, headstrong women together under a shared motivation.(CNN)

Actress Sola Kosoko announces arrival of new baby
4/14/2019 8:24 PM | 65 views

The Kosokos nd the new baby. Photo: TVCActress Sola Kosoko and her husband have announced the arrival of a new baby into the family.Kosoko took to her Instagram page to announce the arrival of a baby girl, praise God for the baby.According to her, she asked for an angel and God blessed her with one, saying that she was in the cloud because of the ‘little angel’ given her by God.“And my Princess has arrived, I asked for an angel and God blessed me with one. Looking into your cute face, I saw a reflection of me. Adorable is what you are. Can’t just stop staring at you.“I am presently in cloud because you have brought me happiness. Welcome to the world my latest joy. God will bless you for me. Amen. Rejoice with me my wonderful social media family. Ire ayo ati anu oluwa ko ni tan ni odede everybody. Amin,” she said.

Netflix Plans to Launch Print Magazine and Buy Historic Los Angeles Cinema
4/12/2019 12:12 AM | 70 views

Netflix is considering launching its own print magazine and buying a historic Los Angeles cinema, the Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, to showcase its productions as part of its continuing attempts to be fully accepted by the US film industry – and win more awards in the process.The streaming service is reportedly looking to launch a quarterly publication to promote its own shows and their stars, tentatively named Wide, which would feature programmes that could have been overlooked.However, the publication won’t be available to the general public, according to Bloomberg News. Instead it will be distributed at industry events where tastemakers and individuals who vote for television and film awards might be found.Netflix is increasingly producing its own content to promote its shows, whether through its social media channels or producing its own podcasts.The print publication is part of Netflix’s continuing efforts to transform its dominance of the online streaming market, where it has 139 million paying subscribers worldwide, into cultural respectability.Last year it earned more Emmy nominations – handed out for the best US television programmes – than any other network. But it has struggled to win the top awards and has been criticised by industry veterans because of its business model and approach to releasing and promoting programmes. 

2baba Reveals His Favorite Couples In The Music Industry (See Them)
4/11/2019 4:56 PM | 91 views

Legendary singer, Innocent Ujah Idibia, popularly known as 2baba has expressed his inexplicable love for music celebrity couple Adekunle Gold and Simi.The legend and “African Queen” singer took to his Instagram story yesterday to make the declaration.The husband of Annie Idibia took a screenshot of a scene in the video to their recent song together; “Promise” and shared it via his Insta story with a caption that shows the level of love he has for the couple.He says his respect and love for them is something he cannot describe, he also referred to them as “beautiful souls.”2baba wrote;“I can’t explain my love and respect for these 2 beautiful souls.”Both have been reported to be in a love relationship way before they became famous and this has actually drawn loads of people to them and 2baba, maybe.The reason for 2baba’s love for Simi and Adekunle Gold is understandable as they are easily loved. This is clearly evident in the way music fans go about appraising whatever concerns the two love birds.

HBO Executive Hints at Massive 'Game of Thrones' Final Season Death Count
4/10/2019 4:03 PM | 94 views

The HBO hit returns for its eighth and final season on Sunday (April 14) and network execs are hinting at a high body count–even by Game of Thrones standards.Francesca Orsi, HBO’s SVP of drama, spoke on the Best of HBO panel at the INTV conference in Israel on Tuesday (April 9) and described the show’s emotional final table read.“It was a really powerful moment in our lives and our careers,” she said of the table read. “None of the cast had received the scripts prior, and one by one they started falling down to their deaths.”According to Orsi, the cast read six scripts in a row, followed by a 15-20 minute standing ovation.“It was amazing,” she said. “By the very end, everyone looked down and looked up and tears were in their eyes.”

The first Lion King Trailer is out now!
4/10/2019 3:57 PM | 82 views

*The Lion King Trailer #1 📹:* http://v.duta.us/RfL3igAAFrom Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau's all-new "The Lion King" journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub's arrival.Scar, Mufasa's brother-and former heir to the throne-has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba's exile.With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.Starring: Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, Keegan-Michael Key  Directed By: Jon FavreauUS Release Date: July 19, 2019Watch the trailer here 📹: http://v.duta.us/RfL3igAA*Get jokes from Duta every day. Add to group: +919360135675* 

Falz releases video for song 'Hypocrite' ft Demmie Vee
4/8/2019 4:51 PM | 112 views

The video which was released on Sunday, April 7, 2019, gives an in-depth on the various social and political issues been faced in Nigeria.From the general elections where rigging and ballot snatching has always been the order of the day, Falz was able to give a very precise detail of the menace and how this has caused a lot of rot in the country's system. The video also dwells on child molestation which has become very rampant in recent times. Demmie Vee gave a perfect rendition of the chorus of this song as he was able to intertwine with Falz in this song.

Takes On DC Villain Godspeed In Awesome Image
4/5/2019 9:50 PM | 146 views

Digital artist Diiego Designer has created a fan-made photo that finds Grant Gustin’s The Flash going up against the villainous Godspeed.The DC villain known as Godspeed is set to make his debut on The Flash soon and while details on the antagonist’s role on the series are currently unknown, the Speedster will likely be the latest threat to Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. Now, fan art by Diiego Designer depicts Godspeed standing tall while Grant Gustin’s The Flash can be seen in the background, bleeding as the result of what we can imagine was a defeat at the villain’s hands.In The Flash: Rebirth comic book series, Godspeed is the main antagonist and was an old friend of Barry Allen’s named August Heart before lighting granted him speed force powers. Heart subsequently took on the Godspeed mantle and began fatally draining the powers of other Speedsters, ultimately becoming a serial killer who sought revenge on the one who murdered his brother.The Flash returns on April 16 with the episode titled “Godspeed” and you can read the official synopsis below:DANIELLE PANABAKER DIRECTS – After discovering that Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is working with Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) disagree about how to handle their daughter in the wake of this shocking news. Team Flash isn’t sure they can trust Nora, so they go through her journal to find out exactly how she came to work alongside their greatest nemesis. Danielle Panabaker directed the episode written by Judalina Neira & Kelly Wheeler (#518).The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon / Vibe, Tom Cavanagh as Harrison “Sherloque” Wells, Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton, Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny / Elongated Man, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen, and Chris Klein as Cicada.The Flash airs on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

The Flash season 5 spoilers: Barry Allen's 2024 disappearance EXPLAINED?
4/5/2019 9:43 PM | 132 views

THE FLASH season 5 is currently on a break, but that has not stopped fans speculating on what is to happen to certain characters, and Barry Allen's latest 2024 disappearance twist has left many divided.The Flash fans have been debating on Reddit why Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) disappears in 2024.The Crisis of 2024 saw him vanish during a battle with the Reverse-Flash, and the reason why has never been confirmed.Fans have decided to try and solve the mystery themselves.One Reddit user said: “Actually I think it's to give himself powers. I'm not sure if this is considered spoilers but in the comic book that's what the lightning bolt is when he first gets his powers.“It's Barry running to the Past through the speed force becoming Lighting striking his past self during the particle accelerator.”However, another fan disagreed: “No, he'll freeze up like Joe did, and the reason why no one's seen the Flash since 2024 is that Barry hasn't unfrozen yet."The theory originator presented a more light-hearted option: “What if Iris told him that she's pregnant? And Barry was like ‘Oh screw this i'm out!’”They point the blame at Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who is the daughter of Barry and Iris West (Candice Patton) from 2049.His disappearance has been fated since season one of The CW when Reverse-Flash first looks at a newspaper from 2024 detailed Barry’s disappearance.Then in season five, Nora showed Barry a newspaper headline from 2049 detailing the 25 years since his disappearance in 2024.Fans have still not been let into the secret as to what happens to him and may have to wait for future seasons before finding out.Barry has had to put up with Nora meddling in recent episodes.Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has been colluding with Eobard Thawne (also Tom Cavanagh) and taking orders from him to influence speedforce events.It was previously revealed she helped her father Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in The Flash season four finale to destroy the satellite, but what else has she been doing?The most recent episode saw the revelation that her actions were on the orders of Barry’s arch-nemesis Thawne - and it became clear that she had been manipulated by him to disrupt the timeline.Barry chose to punish her and sped her into a pipeline cell, imprisoning her.Thawne and Barry are enemies but Thawne wants - or needs - Barry alive and so sends Nora to help him when he needs it.Fans have yet to discover why he keeps Barry alive. Does he live for the battle between them?The Flash has been renewed for season six but season seven is still up in the air.The Flash season five returns 16 April on The CW.

Video: Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha gives police officers the middle finger for harassing him
4/5/2019 8:23 PM | 120 views

Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha didn't go down easy when some police officers attempted to harrass him in Lagos today.Details of the encounter is still sketchy at the moment but in the video recorded by another motorist, the angry actor is seen giving the officers the middle finger and yelling "f*ck you".See the video below...

[Video] DJ Xclusive Ft. Zlatan Ibile – Gbomo Gbomo
4/5/2019 5:00 PM | 130 views

Checkout the official video of “Gbomo Gbomo” as super DJ Xclusive teams up with the street King Zlatan.“Gbomo Gbomo” is the new anthem. Enjoy!!!Watch  “DJ Xclusive Ft. Zlatan Ibile – Gbomo Gbomo” Video below:-

Have You Listened To This Song? This Guy Will Be Bigger Than Kizz Daniel In 6 Months To Come
4/4/2019 10:31 PM | 136 views

Every 6 months to 1 year, the Nigerian music industry always have a new guy on the scene who everyone swears is going to be bigger than the current stars.However, just like Baba Ijebu, sometimes the prediction is right and sometimes its not but for RainyMilli, we believe in the next 6 months, he will be an house hold name and a competition to Kizz Daniel and the likes because of his monster single and video “Eko to London”When someone will blow, you will know! RainyMilli has already gone viral some months ago (remember that video where a white girl ran away from a black guy when she found out he was Nigerian?) Well, the black is RainyMilli and his new song is making waves from London to Lagos and we want to make sure you are the first to know about it. Make e no be like say we no tell una.Now, let’s check out his new song and be the judgeWatch “Eko to London” by RainyMilli below:-

Victoria Kimani Blasts Tiwa Savage And Ycee In Her “Fvck You” Cover (Watch Video)
4/3/2019 8:56 PM | 136 views

Popular Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani took the trending #FvckYouChallenge too personal.In her lyrics she called out Ycee for stealing a line in her song while also throwing hot shade at Tiwa SavageWatch Video Below:-

Lauren London opens up about Nipsey Hussle's death
4/3/2019 4:03 PM | 106 views

Lauren London broke her silence Tuesday and paid tribute to her longtime boyfriend Nipsey Hussle."I am completely lost. I've lost my best friend, my sanctuary, my protector, my soul," she wrote in an Instagram post."I'm lost without you. We are lost without you babe. I have no words."The model and actress had been in a five-year relationship with the rapper, and had a young son with him named Kross.They formed a tight-knit family with their son, Hussle's daughter from a previous relationship, and Cameron Carter, London's son with rapper Lil Wayne.The couple has been known as one of the genre's more enduring love stories.Hussle was fatally shot Sunday in Los Angeles near a clothing store he owned, police said.The suspect, Eric Holder, was arrested Tuesday. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said Hussle and Holder knew each other, and the shooting appears to be the product of a personal dispute.

ENTERTAINMENT Though now a Christian, I’ve never been to church – Bolanle Ninalowo
4/3/2019 3:59 PM | 96 views

  Tofarati IgeDespite the fact that Bolanle Ninalowo, aka Nino B, rarely speaks without mentioning God and how much he loves Him, the hunky actor revealed to Sunday Scoop that he had never been in a church. He said, “When I was going through dark times, I started reading my Bible and began to understand better how life works. Don’t forget that I was born a Muslim. I have never actually been to church to worship but I renew my covenant with God in my room. It has worked for me over the years, though I realise I may have to go to church at some point. However, I would feel more blessed worshipping with my wife because without her, things wouldn’t be complete.”Asked if he believes in paying tithes, Bolanle said, “Yes and I pay tithes every day. Not by going to church and giving someone my money but by touching lives in whatever way I can.”The Picture Perfect actor also maintained that spirituality was a thing of the heart and not necessarily about being religious. “A lot of people out there are just religious but they don’t have the love of their creator in their hearts,” explained the actor. “If you love God, it will be exhibited in how you act, not by what you say. You can go to church or mosque every day but if you don’t love God and your fellow man, you are just deceiving yourself. I have an intimate relationship with my maker and that’s what counts. I communicate with Him regularly and He guides me accordingly.”Nino B, whose career has been on a steady rise, insisted that nothing had changed about him. “I am happy for where God has taken me but I can tell you for free that it wasn’t a bed of roses. When I first moved back to Nigeria from the United States, a lot of people felt I was losing my mind. I invested millions of naira in my record label, yet I didn’t make a dime. It was quite depressing but I chose to remain focused, believing that ultimately, things would get better.READ ALSO: I’ll make a scapegoat of Lil Kesh – Eleyele“I have been getting a lot of rave reviews but I don’t let such things get to my head. I am grateful for where my career is right now, but I have bigger dreams and I am focused on where I am going. I want to thank all my fans because they are the ones who have got me to this point. I implore them to keep supporting me and we would do a lot of great things together,” he said.

LEGENDARY COVER!!! M.I Abaga – Fvck You (Cover)
4/3/2019 3:32 PM | 117 views

M.I Abaga comes through with a cover to Kizz Daniel’s viral song “Fvck You”Watch “M.I Abaga – Fvck You (Cover)” below:-

[Video] Reminisce – Oja
4/2/2019 8:31 PM | 111 views

Reminisce came through with the energetic visuals to his recent single dubbed “Oja“.The TG Omori directed video was shot in the heart of Lagos. Reminisce indeed pulled the King Of Boys Level on us in this one.Sitback and enjoy this intriguing visual from Baba Hafusa.Watch & Download “Reminisce – Oja” below:-

Burna Boy tells a story of love and loss in new video for ‘Thuggin' and 'Darko’
4/1/2019 9:33 PM | 135 views

On March 22, 2019, Burna released a relative surprise EP, ‘Steel and Copper’ with American production duo, DJDS. The EP had four songs and the final two of those four songs were, ‘Darko’ and ‘Thuggin.’The EP became the subject of positive reviews and welcome reactions from listeners and fans alike.Burma Boy seems dedicated to make 2019 his most creative year yet. With the release of the collaborative EP with DJDS ’Steel and Copper’ still fresh out of the booth, the afro fusion artiste has released a short film for two tracks off the EP ’Thuggin’ and ’Darko.'The short film tells a sad tale of gang violence and its consequences. The video opens with ’Thuggin’ and we follow Burna through the motions of being a caretaker and gang banger and seamlessly transition into ’Darko’. Even though there's a slightly different undertone to this part of the video, with a slightly more celebratory feel, the message isn't lost.With the videos, Director Daniel Regan was able to provide a deeper perspective to the already thought-provoking tracks. We especially appreciate seeing more immersive videos from Burna Boy.

Kizz Daniel Reposts Zinoleesky Fvck You Cover, Vows To Get Him On The Remix (Watch Video)
4/1/2019 9:08 PM | 135 views

Fast rising Nigerian act, Zinoleesky has got a repost of his “Fvck You“ cover on Kizz Daniel’s page.The “Who Knows” crooner who released his version of the challenge many days ago caught the attention of the Flyboi boss.Kizz Daniel posted Zinoleesky’s Fvck You cover and wrote;ZINO I STAN you got a spot on the ALL STAR REMIX @zinoleeskyWatch Video Below:-

MAD ONE!!! Picazo Rhap Drops His Own “Fvck You” Cover
4/1/2019 8:40 PM | 86 views

YBNL Mafia, Picazo Rhap didn’t dull in his own version of the Kizz Daniel‘s Fvck You Challenge.He drops add bars and punchline to cement his Rap versatility in the heart of his Fans.Watch & Download “Picazo Rhap – Fvck You Cover” below:-

Lengendary Cover!!! Sound Sultan Shoots His Own “Fvck You” To The Government
4/1/2019 5:52 PM | 114 views

Legend will forever be a legend! You all need to see this Sound Sultan‘s “Fvck You” Cover.The Naija Ninja issued his own version to the Nigerian Governments as against other entries in the contest talking about their slut girlfriends.Watch & Enjoy “Sound Sultan – Fvck You” below:-

One of the greatest geek movie you have to watch, VENOM by TOM HARDY
3/31/2019 6:22 PM | 129 views

There were some pretty awful (and great) geek movies in 2018. But what about this past decade? Using Metacritic's scoring system, we've compiled a list of the worst geek movies since 2010. Tying for No. 48: Venom. In our review, we said this Tom Hardy-led superhero film "bites off more than it can chew.www.news.com

Tonto Dikeh Attempts To Lead Busty Cossy To Christ, SEE What Happened
3/31/2019 8:14 AM | 94 views

There was an exchange of words between Tonto Dikeh and Cossy Orjiakor after the busty actress shared a very raunchy video of herself twerking for her followers on Instagram this evening. READ ALSO: PHOTOS/VIDEO: Watch Cossy Ojiakor Twerk Up A Storm Inside Her Bedroom 18+While making an attempt to call her to order, Tonto wrote in Cossy's comment session: 'Dunno why I always see you winning souls for God, it may seem like a very long way ahead but Cossy I believe so much in God and in you!! YOU WILL SAVE SOULS AND I WILL REMEMBER THIS DAY AND SMILE COS I HAVE SEEN IT!! Love you and I am soooo proud of you now and will be when GOD USES YOU!!.'Cossy obviously didn't like the comment and replied her, writing:'am a born again Christian dear.... I believe in Jesus Christ ? I will make heaven ...I think u should preach to ur good friend the He/she ????'The mother of one later cleared up things with the busty actress. She added: 'Boo I mean no harm its all LOVE HERE?? I hope you understand? ??Click link to watch the video below.https://www.instagram.com/p/BvmxA7EHN1F 

[Video] Dr Dolor Ft. Slimcase x Broda Shaggi – Bushman
3/29/2019 6:10 PM | 142 views

Here’s the video to Dr Dolor recently released track “Bushman” which he joins forces with Slimcase and Broda Shaggi.The collaborative effort from both acts decided to surprise their fans with a different kind of flow.The song was produced by NorthBoi and the video was directed by Avalon OkpeWatch “Dr Dolor Ft. Slimcase x Broda Shaggi – Bushman” below:-

[Video] Adekunle Gold – Before You Wake Up
3/29/2019 4:46 PM | 112 views

Talented singer, Adekunle Gold releases the official music video for his latest single titled “Before You Wake Up”.The song has been receiving streams and reviews since it releases and Adekunle Gold feels it is time to entertain his fans with the visuals of the wonderful and romantic song.Video directed by Des Gray.Watch  “Adekunle Gold – Before You Wake Up” below:-

Nollywood has done it again big the time,a movie with good command,good story as directed by DESMOND ELLIOT in conjunction with IROKO TV.
3/28/2019 12:25 AM | 126 views

He's a fast rising nollywood actor MOSES SAMUEL. He's got the looks. He's got the talent & beyond that he's good at his craft. He's a brand ambassador, a commercial face that influence production demand... He's a rap artist. He's an MC. He's a producer amongst many others. He's available for low and big budget project and you can always reach him with his instagram handle: @moses66_33 & for more of "JON AJAI" check it out on :www.irokotv.com

Video: Sarkodie - Fvck You (Kizz Daniel Cover)
3/27/2019 9:22 AM | 132 views

Ghanaian rap titan Sarkodie jumps in on the #FvckYouChallenge. He drops his own cover version of Kiss Daniel's single "Fvck You", delivering a solid verse detailing his woes about a disloyal and unfaithful woman.Check out the multi award winning rapper's version of the Young Jonn produced tune below.

Video: Bisola – Good Old Days
3/26/2019 4:32 PM | 119 views

Temple Music music act and former BBN housemate, Bisola has dropped a brand new single, which is titled “Good Old Days”.The record label’s 1st woman returns us to the Good past times when life was basic and additionally intriguing. At the point when as a kid is constantly fun and not stresses, She shares some intriguing melodies, stories and recreations that unites everybody to have some good times during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

Music: Oladips – Vain
3/26/2019 4:22 PM | 106 views

LLR rapper, Oladips is out here again with another new single tagged “Vain” as he adds one more year to his age.The music video to this new jam is out already and was shot and directed by Perliks Definition. 

Finally, ex-Big Brother Naija housemates, Alex and Ceec ‘Kiss and Make-up’ (Video)
3/26/2019 7:49 AM | 113 views

All is supposedly now well between ex-BBNaija housemates, Alex and Ceec after the bitter revelation of their sexcapade last weekend.Ceec went to a crying Alex to apologise and talk things over and shortly afterwards, Alex came back on set, went straight to Ceec and both ladies ‘hugged it out’.See the video link  below…                                                                  https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvcvr8xgBhJ/

[Video] Phyno – Agu
3/25/2019 7:21 PM | 120 views

Following the release of the audio few days ago, ace indigenous rapper, Phyno premieres the visuals to his latest effort titled “ Agu ”.However, the visuals features clips from some of Phyno’s favourite moments in his career so far and also, how the journey as been for him so far.Watch Phyno's "AGU" Below