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Skepta Opens Pop Up Shop In Lagos.
4/19/2019 7:15 PM | 34 views

UK based Nigerian rapper Skepta opens pop up shop for His brand 'Homecoming' in Lagos today.The shop opens in the highbrow area of Ikoyi, by 12 Glover Road.The launch came with a photo-shoot to showcase what to expect in the brand.Here are pictures of the shoot:That Gidi Gaze in the Eyes Of a KidNo Discrimination / Segregation Its For Us AllGidi SwagSport It Up.That London Connect.Young Shall and is GrowingThe DefinitionWelcome home. Photocredits: Instagram/Skepta.Words: Adeniyi Aliu.Gist Of the Day.

Saudi sisters seeking asylum in Georgia go public in plea for help
4/19/2019 6:50 PM | 0 views

Saudi sisters seeking asylum in Georgia go public in plea for helpBy Sandi Sidhu and Salma Abdelaziz, CNNPosted at 1515 GMT (2315 HKT) April 19, 2019Maha Zayed al-Subaie 28, left, and her sister, 25-year-old Wafa, are photographed on April 18 during an interview with CNN, after applying for asylum in Georgia.(CNN) — Two Saudi sisters who planned their escape for almost five years and are now seeking asylum in the country of Georgia have revealed their identities in a plea for international help.Wafa Zayed al-Subaie, 25, and her 28-year-old sister, Maha allege that they were trapped in their own homes and suffered verbal and physical abuse from their male relatives.They are now in Tbilisi, Georgia, and after nearly two weeks of trying and failing to get asylum in another country, have gone public with their case.On Wednesday, the pair launched a Twitter account, appealing to human rights groups and countries where they might be able to seek asylum."We are in danger we need your support to deliver our voice," Maha said in a video post. "We want protection we want a country to welcome us and protect our lives, please help us."Related Article: Saudi sisters free but questions remain over 6-month stay in Hong KongThe pair also posted photographs of their Saudi passports to prove their identity and in hope of bolstering their case. The sisters believed that their passports had been "suspended" when they attempted to apply for a visa to travel to Australia and received an error message.CNN has contacted the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul for comment on this specific case, but so far these queries have gone unanswered.'What is my crime?'A day after the sisters went public, Georgian law enforcement officers tracked them down and CNN witnessed the moment that the terrified sisters were questioned by police.The women told officers that they fled Saudi Arabia due to suffering abuse and feared for their lives if their family members found them and were able to forcibly deport them.Georgia's Internal Affairs Ministry then released a statement saying that the purpose of their visit "was to offer assistance and security guarantees," acknowledging the sister's fears and clarified that no other members of their family are in Georgia.By traveling independently, in a bid for more rights and to escape abusive conditions, however, the sisters may have committed a crime under Saudi's strict guardianship system. "I chose, fully willing and capable, to leave Saudi Arabia. I have committed no crime. What is my crime?" Wafa told CNN in Georgia.Related Article: MBS 'clampdown' fuels surge in numbers of Saudi refugeesIn Saudi Arabia, a male relative controls a woman's life from birth to death, effectively treating all women as permanent legal minors. The sisters blame the Kingdom's guardianship laws for enshrining their abuse and protecting their abusers, and say local authorities were unable or unwilling to help."My father would hit me in front of my child," Maha claimed through tears over her 9-year-old son who she says she was forced to leave behind. "This was my biggest motivation for leaving. I lived under the mercy of my male relatives. I prefer death to this life."The sisters posted this picture on their Twitter account, which they launched to bring attention to their case.So the sisters made a daring escape from a country where women are punished or even disappeared for running away, according to human rights groups.They now hope to generate the same attention -- and eventual outcome -- as a similar case in January, when Saudi teenager Rahaf al-Qunun fled to Thailand to escape her allegedly abusive family. Qunun and her supporters drew global attention to her case through a social media campaign launched mostly on Twitter.The 18-year-old documented her arrival and subsequent detention in Bangkok on her smartphone, creating new Twitter and Periscope accounts where she received a deluge of supportive messages.On January 11, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his nation would grant her asylum.'No other options'The women's plight comes amid an increase in runaways from Saudi Arabia using social media to appeal for help as they leave a life of oppression.According to the UNHCR's latest public records, Saudi refugees and asylum-seekers totaled 2,392 in 2017. Five countries hosted the majority of these Saudis: the United States (1,143), Canada (453), Australia (191), the United Kingdom (184) and Germany (147). But the sharpest increase in Saudi refugees and asylum-seekers occurred after 2015, the year Prince Mohammed bin Salman, then 29, emerged in the Kingdom's political scene.Analysts and activists say that the amount of women seeking asylum has been compounded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's campaign to stamp out dissent in the Kingdom.In recent years, he has ordered the rounding up of scores of high-profile clerics, analysts, businessmen and princes, as well as women's rights defenders who were allegedly tortured.The guardianship system makes fleeing the Kingdom a difficult task for women who often have to steal their own passports away from male relatives, and even change travel permissions on a guardian's cell phone from a Saudi government mobile app called Absher.Absher is a Saudi government e-portalwhere users can access an array of government services, including a feature for male guardians to decide whether their dependents can travel abroad and the parameters around their travel plans."You only live once and this is not a life," Wafa told CNN. "I must ask permission for anything -- to get a job, move to a new place, get married. These choices are our most basic rights and we don't have them."If we ever go back to Saudi Arabia we will be killed or taken to a women's prison. There are no other options."http://ceesty.com/wNYOGt

Folarin 'Falz' Falana Becomes the Highest Grossing Actor In Nollywood.
4/19/2019 5:39 PM | 36 views

According to the latest info and statistics gathered by Comscore: Folarin 'Falz' Falana is the highest grossing actor in Nollywood in 2018 in terms of cinema gross box office. This is based on his roles in the movies: 'Merrymen'- N235M , 'Chief Daddy' - N236M and 'New Money' - N42M.This is an amazing feat for the singer cum actor considering that he combines two careers and at the highest heights he has been.This released image says it all: The singer/actor is so excited that he shared the message few minutes ago on his social media handles. Credits: Instagram/ Falz. 

Police Reveals New Trick Used By Fraudsters To Swap Sim Cards And Empty Victims' Bank Accounts
4/19/2019 3:10 PM | 45 views

A new trick used by fraudsters of rip Nigerians of their cash has been uncovered, as they now swap sims to empty peoples bank accounts.The Oyo State Police Command, revealed the new trick yesterday, following the arrest of 10 suspects: Omotayo Azeez, 29, Olufade Abdulgafar, 33, Adesina Peter, 32, Odugbesan Gbenga, 39, Shiyanbola Harry, 32, Effiog Udofia, 52, Arowosegbe Adewale, 43, Adesanlu Kayode, 32, Onasile Abiola, 25, and Temitope Fatai, 21.The Oyo Sate Police Commissioner, Shina Olukolu, said:“On March 14, Adeniyi Ige, the Security Manager of Airtel Network Limited, reported that his company received complaints from customers regarding withdrawal of various amounts of money from their bank accounts, through fraudulent SIM cards swapping. .The complainants included Prof. Olapade James, the Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan, who reported that on February 21, he experienced loss of signal on his line. Following this, he said he started receiving notification of debit alerts from his bank account via email, adding that N180,000 was fraudulently withdrawn from his bank account. Also one Godwin Unigbe reported that on February 22, N3m was fraudulently withdrawn from his bank account. Benjamin Udo Bassey reported that N460,000 was fraudulently withdrawn from his account between February 20 and 21.” Following the reports, an internal investigation traced the fraudulent SIM card swapping to ISON BPO, a call centre to network service providers, including Airtel Network, located in Ibadan. This led to the arrest of three workers of ISON directly involved in the fraudulent act. Further investigation led to the arrest of seven other suspects. They (fraudsters) will call you to give certain information and as you give the information step by step, what follows is that your phone will go blank. After some minutes, it will be back again, and a few minutes later, you will be receiving debit alerts via email. They have swapped your SIM card. Don’t give information to somebody you do not know.”

Woman arrested for defrauding a man of N1.9m and plotting to poison him
4/19/2019 3:06 PM | 46 views

A 30-year-old woman, Hassatu Isah, has been apprehended by the Katsina State Police Command for allegedly defrauding a man of N1.9m and plotting to poison him. Rabiu Haruna, 30, however, survived the plots and alerted the police, who arrested Isah and her accomplice. The Katsina State Police Commissioner, Sanusi Buba, described the suspect as a ritual killer and kidnapper. The police commissioner revealed that Isah extorted N1.9m from Haruna promising to prepare powerful spiritual charms for him.   Having failed to deliver the charms, she was said to have moved to eliminate Haruna, who demanded a refund. The CP said, “But nemesis caught up with her, when she could not deliver the spiritual charms to the victim, who demanded a refund. She then planned to kill him by hiring a killer, one Babangida Dalha, 30 years, of Jibia, whom she contracted with N50,000 for the job. “In the course of investigation, the suspects were arrested and they confessed to have administered poison with intent to kill the victim which failed.”  Isah told Northern City News that Haruna engaged her to prepare charms that could make him invisible at will, but the victim denied that the money was for preparation of the charms. I gave her the money for purchase of land after she treated my wife’s illness,” Haruna claimed.     The police commissioner said Hassatu and her accomplice would be prosecuted after investigation.

Anyone Who Discards A Gay Person Doesn't Have A Heart - Pope Francis
4/19/2019 3:03 PM | 37 views

Pope Francis and the celebritiesPope Francis has surprised many after saying that ­anyone who discards gay people “doesn’t have a human heart”.His words moved British comedian Stephen K. Amos to tears, the Pope also urged Stephen and other visiting celebrities to pray for him so he can do his job better.In tomorrow’s (Friday’s) episode of the BBC2 series Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome, Londoner Stephen, 51, is among stars shown having audiences with Pope Francis in Rome.Others include Brendan Cole, Lesley Joseph and Les Dennis.Stephen told the Pope:‘I lost my mother, three months ago I buried my twin sister, who were both very religious. ‘So me coming on this pilgrimage, being non-religious, I was looking for answers and faith. But as a gay man, I don’t feel accepted.”Francis replied carefully:‘Giving more importance to the adjective [gay] rather than the noun [man], this is not good. We are all human beings and have dignity. It does not matter who you are, or how you live your life – you do not lose your dignity. “There are people that prefer to select or discard people because of the adjective. These people don’t have a human heart.’He added: ‘For those of you who are believers, pray for me. For those of you who do not believe, could you wish me a good journey, so I do not let anyone down.’Stephen left in tears and said:‘If it had been the answer I was expecting I would have walked out. Hearing what he said floored me. ‘He gave me faith in humanity. He knows his response to my question… will have ramifications around the world. ‘He’s saying those who hold extreme religious views of anti-homosexuality or anti-abortion don’t have a human heart and that is huge.’

11 villager's killed in their sleep as Boko Haram terrorists attack a village in Cameroon
4/19/2019 2:54 PM | 43 views

Boko Haram fighters attacked a village in Cameroon’s troubled Far North Region overnight and killed 11 civilians in their sleep, security sources told AFP on Friday. “Boko Haram made an incursion at night in the Tchakamari area. The toll is 11,” a source close to security services in the area said, confirming a report from a member of a local self-defence militia. It was the deadliest Boko Haram raid in recent months in Cameroon. The bodies were “charred”, the source close to security services said, adding that the attackers had burnt the village. The dead included both children and the aged and began at around 10 pm and lasted until about 1 am Friday. The Boko Haram conflict began in 2009 in neighbouring Nigeria and has killed more than 27,000 people and left 1.8 million homeless in the country’s northeast.   The violence has spilt into neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

Corps member who was the first graduate in his family, is laid to rest
4/19/2019 2:44 PM | 40 views

Late Corps member,  Fidelis Onyekachi Anyanwu was laid to rest in his hometown Mbaise, Imo State last week.According to his colleague, he was the first graduate in his family. May his soul rest in peace. Amen. "Some time last month I made it viral in this group about our competent colleague serving under NYSC scheme here in Umunze that had a fatal accident.Today all bowls in his hometown Mbaise Imo state was filled with tears, after we ( his NYSC colleagues he left behind) have turned our eyes red with cries on receiving his corpse in d LG Secretariat Umunze.He's the first graduate in his family.What is good about this world?It is finished!!!We are missing him already" 

Read How Nigerian Man Traveling To America For Medical Treatment Dies On The Plane
4/19/2019 2:21 PM | 45 views

File photoA Nigerian man has died mid-flight on a plane bound for Houston in America. The sad incident took place on  Tuesday, April 15 according to Houston Chronicles.The police have now revealed that the man who had died was on his way to seek medical treatment in the United States.The man was travelling with loved ones on Lufthansa Flight 440 from Frankfurt to Houston when he died suddenly, an airline spokesperson said. Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said a travelling companion told officers that the man, 40, was from Nigeria and had an un-diagnosed condition.The people accompanying the man did not share a formal diagnosis with police, only saying that he was seeking treatment from American doctors, Silva said.The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences has yet to determine the man's cause of death nor have they released his identity.The flight left around 10 a.m. in Frankfurt and landed at George Bush Intercontinental Airport at 1:55 p.m. today, according to flightstats.com.

Emma Ugolee narrates how he developed complications after an Indian hospital swapped the kidney his sister donated to him and transplanted another into him
4/19/2019 1:59 PM | 52 views

Media personality Emma Ugolee has shared his own encounter with an Indian hospital which almost cost him his life. He shared his experience in reaction to a story shared by a Nigerian man who blamed the incompetence of staff at an Indian hospital for the death of his mother. Sharing his encounter, Emma Ugolee said the Indian hospital transplanted another kidney in his body rather than the kidney donated by his sister. It wasn't until they returned to Nigeria and he wasn't getting better that this error was discovered. He also mentioned that Nigerian hospitals play a part in this by referring Nigerian patients to those Indian hospitals because they get certain percentages from the hospitals.He wrote:  Excitement fueled my mind as my sister & I headed for India in 2012 for a kidney transplant. She was a perfect match for me and we were mighty glad about that. Adding to our joy was the fact that we were going to spend $30,000 for the entire surgery. About 10% what was needed for same in AmericaGoogle searches on the hospital's records, all impressive. SUV airport pick up, intimidating hospital structures, 1st class treatment, all part of the packaged experience that would have the average Nigerian patient almost thanking Buddha for healthcare alien to his world.The teeming Nigerian crowd at the lobby was like a pilgrimage for the sick.The multi million dollar traffic from Nigeria is aided by hundreds of indian marketing officials parading Nigerian hospitals in full collaboration with Nigerian doctors who get percentages in exchange for references.6weeks later we are wheeled out of the surgery room. A test called the creatinine test used to tell that the kidney was doing great was never passed. My fears were allayed by the doctor who said it would take a while. So we came home. Weeks later, the while never came. My doctor in Nigeria gets worried and orders a biopsy and a scan. The results to my ears in his words: "Emmanuel there is no way in God's green earth that this is your sisters kidney inside you. Not with size and functionality." So it was that my sisters kidney was swapped during the surgeryMade sense when the hospital among many others in India had to face a special committee investigating organ black market deals6months later, my legs are all swollen as i lay on my back for my 1st restart session of dialysis.And so the horror hit the refresh button for me to re-liveMy story is one out of hundreds of Indian trips gone wrong. I am blessed to be telling my story. Many of my friends cannot because they died.I have no faith in Govt. so this post it not even hoping for her to act. I am just hoping some how, that the fallacy that India is salvation for the sick is changed. It is a big business with the traditional indian corruption at the core of it. Life often the sacrifice paid. Treatment is secondary. Examples abound. 

Toke Makinwa Flaunts Sexy Curves In Latest Pictures.
4/19/2019 1:53 PM | 42 views

Media personality and former OAP Toke Makinwa flaunts curve to the delight of her numerous followers in new photos, released today.Here are the suggestive images as she dons a sports wear:As if that's not enough? She drop these:  Toke please take it easy on them. Lol. Credits: Instagram/Toke Makinwa.Gist Of The Day. 

Oby Ezekwesili Shows Off Her 77-Year-Old Mother To Celebrate Her Birthday (Photos)
4/19/2019 11:19 AM | 42 views

Oby EzekwesiliFormer presidential candidate, Oby Ezekwesili, has taken to the social media platform to celebrate as her elderly mother turns 77. The two-time minster and famous convener of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign is arguably a very lucky and blessed woman as not everyone has been blessed with the opportunity to have their parents or parent alive.Ezekwesili whose mother turned 77 on April 18, took to Twitter to celebrate the life of her lovely mum.She shared a photo of her mother and accompanied it with some sweet words. Oby's motherShe wrote: "My mother of inestimable value is 77 years today. "My icon for the 5 Realities of a woman- a Unique individual, a daughter, sister, mom & wife. "Can’t believe you are now just 3 years to 80! "God shall surely fulfill all His promises to you.  "Love you deep deep Nnem!"

Davido's Elder Brother Wears Palm slippers To Radio Station: Humility.
4/19/2019 11:17 AM | 44 views

Singer Davido's elder brother wears Palm slippers to radio station in a show of humility amidst the wealth that he swims in.The chairman of HKN music Adewale Adeleke accompanied his artist and cousin B Red on his current press run of promotion of his new singles: which should be an avenue to show his family wealth off, but he chose to be humble.Here are the pictures of the humility  gesture:Adewale Adeleke aka Chairman HKN Comedian Ushbebe probably telling him his slippers is humbling and Gist Of the Day concurs. Credits: InstagramGist of the Day/ Adeniyi.

Meet The Beautiful University Student Who Hawks Local Snacks On Campus (Photo)
4/19/2019 11:09 AM | 45 views

Juliet Ozioko sells local snacks on campusAt a time many desperate young girls are doing unimaginable things, including selling their bodies to make money, a 300 level female student of Public Administration, of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Agbani, is poised to make a difference.Juliet Ozioko, 21, said she was pushed by the dwindling economy coupled with the urge to be self-reliant to start the business of preparing and selling Okpa; a popular snack in Igbo land, especially amongst the people of Enugu state.The enterprise which she started only recently, according to Ozioko, is fast bringing her fame on campus, regardless that many of her classmates mocked her initially.She told our correspondent that she wakes up early in the morning to start the cooking and by 7am she will be ready to go. Then, she would visit other occupants of a private hostel where she resides in Enugu to find out those would buy the product for breakfast, thereafter, she would take the remaining to the campus in Agbani.At the campus, she sells to her departmental students before taking what is left to other departments to sell.Ozioko who also makes a local drink called zobo said: “I started the business just to keep myself busy, get income and augment what I’m getting from my parents for my studies and upkeep.“I left other businesses and focused on okpa because I am trying to promote one of the best foods Nsukka is widely known for and to promote the culture of my hometown. Mind you, okpa though taken as snacks is one of those foods when you eat it in the morning; it will sustain you for the whole day.”The young lady disclosed that she makes in the average about N2000 every day from sales, indicating that her studies actually inhibit her desire to expand the trade.Surprisingly, Ozioko said that she did not have any formal training in preparing the local food but got the skill while she watched her mother cook it overtime.“I wasn’t trained; I’m just a normal girl who sits in the kitchen while mum cooks, so, my love for okpa made me learn it so fast from my mother,” she said.Asked what is special about her okpa, she explained that it is tasty and natural because she does not just use any kind of palm oil, adding that she prepares it under very hygienic condition.The enterprising student also talked about her plans to package the okpa in a special way that it could with time become a brand.How do other students look at you on this business?Some students do murmur things like, I don’t even know that she can do this kind of business and some funny comments, most of them do ask me, Juliet, so you’re now selling okpa and I will reply them, no I am selling suya… the good thing is that the business has kept me away from unnecessary distraction.How do you combine it with your academics?I do wake up very early in the morning to make the okpa, latest by 7am it will be ready, then I will take my bath, sell to my fellow students in the hostel and take the rest to school. It doesn’t affect my studies at all.To what extent do you think you will go in this business?Well, I can’t really say for now, but I know it’s not ending yet, by God’s grace we might have a factory where we produce okpa in large scale. Again, am targeting places like boarding schools and government institutions where I can get contract to supply the okpa, occasionally.What are the challenges you face in the business?During my first week in the business, some students were saying ‘your okpa is too big. You won’t make gain if you continue to size it like this’, but lately they were like, increase the size a bit, that alone is a big challenge because if you don’t serve them right, you might lose customers, and I don’t want to lose any of them. Sometimes, you might not sell as fast as you wished; if I notice that people in our department are not ready to eat okpa, I will have to take it to other departments to sell.Do you have the capacity to supply large quantity say 1000 pieces, if you get an order?Yes, and that will give me the opportunity to employ some hands and boost the business.What is your advice to other students who depend solely on their parents/guardians for all their needs?My advice for them is that nothing is too small to do; it depends on how you run your business. In whatever you do, always remember there are ups and downs, so you will have to be ready to endure, have patience, be determined, and keep being focused. I urge my fellow students who still depend on their parents for everything to start little business. It will really help them, and keep them away from many negative things. Don’t be shy in anything that earns you little money, be bold, proud and love what you do as long as it’s legitimate. God will lift you. Remember that an idle man is devil’s workshop.***Source: Sun News

Two children killed after driver fell asleep at wheel
4/19/2019 11:06 AM | 34 views

Police in Thailand said a tired motorist who had driven friends home from Songkran celebrations dozed off at the wheel and crashed into a parked truck in Suphan Buri, killing two young children in the early hours of Wednesday.Police were alerted to the accident on the Bang Li-Nong Wan Priang road in Tambon None Phra Prang, Song Phi Nong district at 12.15am.Police said the car driven by Nitikorn Doktalyong, 22, hit the rear of a 10-wheel truck parked on the roadside.  The truck was not obstructing the left lane so police believe the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, causing his car to stray on to the hard shoulder.Nitikorn’s five-year-old nephew died at the scene while his one-year-old niece died after being rushed to the district hospital.Nitikorn was injured along with two relatives, identified as Rinda Udom, 21, and Worasuda Chantharang, 15.Pol Maj Phawit Preenakhon, inspector of the Song Phi Nong police station, said Nitikorn and relatives were returning home in the district after driving their friends to Kanchanaburi following Songkran celebrations in Suphan Buri.  

Troops arrest Zamfara Local Govt Vice Chairman for aiding armed bandits
4/19/2019 11:03 AM | 41 views

Troops of the “Operation Sharan Daji” in Zamfara have arrested the Vice Chairman of Anka Local Government of the state, Mr Yahuza Wuya for alleged link to bandits.The Acting Information Officer of the operation, Maj. Clement Abiade confirmed the arrest of Wuya in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja Thursday."Troops of Operation SHARAN DAJI in Zamfara State have arrested the Vice Chairman, Anka Local Government Zamfara  State, Mr Yahuza Ibrahim Wuya on the 13th of April 2019 based on credible intelligence report linking him to bandits in Wuya and Sunke communities," the statement reads."Mr Yahuza Ibrahim was allegedly reported to seamlessly assist in selling rustled/stolen cows and donkeys as well as giving information about troops, other security agencies and vigilantes' movement to the bandits. He was also accused of aiding the release of a notorious gun runner one Sani Yaro from Gusau prison"In another related development, the troops also arrested two suspected informants along Burukusuma - Sabon Birni in Sokoto State. They are Mallam Ibrahim Bangaje and Mallam Ado Bayero.The suspects will be handed  over to relevant security agency for possible prosecution after initial investigation.The Force Commander Operation SHARAN DAJI, Maj Gen Hakeem Oladapo Otiki  reiterates the commitment of the troops towards entrenching enduring peace and tranquillity in Zamfara and its contiguous States of Katsina, Kebbi and Sokoto.  He enjoins the public to support the operation by reporting suspicious activities and movement of bandits to close by security agencies for prompt action.

Popular Pro-Biafra Prophet Who Became A Critic Of Nnamdi Kanu Gets Murdered In Enugu
4/19/2019 10:46 AM | 28 views

Anthony NwokoA popular prophet, Anthony Nwoko, has allegedly been murdered in cold blood in Enugu.Until recently, Nwoko was a close ally of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, who prayed for him and the group.Daily Sun gathered that the man of God, believed to be in his late 60s, was reportedly killed by unknown assailants last Sunday night at his apartment located at No. 18 Ezebinugwu Street, beside Bright Land International School, Ugbene 2, in the Trans-Ekulu-Abakpa axis of Enugu.Nwoko had lived alone, so, it was said that his death became known when a neighbour noticed that the door of his apartment had remained open; peeped in and saw the man in the pool of his blood.The attention of the caretaker of the compound was called, who immediately alerted the police, who responded to the scene.No official report has come from the Enugu State Police Command, but Daily Sun learnt that they had initially arrested occupants of the compound.Before his death, Nwoko had taken to social media, particularly Facebook, to speak about his relationship with Kanu which, according to him, went sour after the IPOB leader made him relocate from Lagos to Enugu only to abandon him.His last posts on Facebook were at about 1:40pm on April 14, where he uploaded various online reports of his views on Biafra agitation, including video clips from Kpakpando TV.He had in press conferences on January 8 and March 18, 2019, respectively, accused Kanu and some other pro-Biafra campaigners of turning the agitation into a money-makingNwoko had raised the alarm that he was receiving death threats from members of the IPOB over his bribery allegations against their leader Kanu.The cleric had claimed that Kanu not only collected huge sums of monies as bribe from the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, ahead of the February 23 election, but planned to return to Nigeria to “consolidate on his Biafra propaganda if Atiku had won”.“They have been calling me with different lines, making different phone calls, threatening my life. They are calling me fake because I stand by the truth. I went to Kuje prison to pray for Nnamdi Kanu and the next court case he was released. “I went to Affara-Ukwu to tell him the way forward; he did not listen. Many people are not listening to the voice of God and they want me to be that way. Prophet Nwoko says no. I will never compromise. “Even if they kill me, I will return with the light of heaven. I am not afraid of the people of the world. I am telling Uche Mefor and IPOB to stop threatening my life. Let me put this straight to everyone: I am ready to die standing by the truth because that is why Jesus Christ came for. “If everybody will keep quiet, this nation will be destroyed. If everybody will keep quiet, Biafra will not come. Let people know the truth.”Nwoko hailed from Umuahia in Abia state.***Source: Sun News

Don't Be Left Out! Check Out 10 Ways To Spend Easter Holiday In Style
4/19/2019 10:34 AM | 40 views

Easter holiday weekend is here and sadly, the weather is not looking too favourable. However, this long weekend provides a perfect opportunity for home improvement and family togetherness.Easter is traditionally a time for DIY (Don’t Injure Yourself), be it from decorating to landscaping or even solidifying your family bond. We take a look at ten such ways:1 Make your home cleanEastertide has officially sprung, so what better time for a home clean? You can either choose to focus on one room, or work your way around the whole property. It’s a great time to tackle some of those jobs you may have been putting off, for example cleaning out the fridge, or washing the windows. You’ll be amazed at how much better the place looks– and it also provides the perfect opportunity to try rearranging the furniture.2 Go to the cinemaThe weather on Sunday is set to be the best of the days over the long weekend, so that is the perfect day to go to the cinema. You can take your kids to the nearest cinema within your reach. Cinemas such as Filmhouse IMAX, Silverbird Cinema, Ozone, Ground Zero Cinema, Nollywood Cinemas among others would be best place to be.3 UpcycleDon’t have the money for a new sofa or kitchen table, but the old one is looking a little bit tatty? Take the Easter holidays as a chance to upcycle! A fresh coat of paint can make your old table and chair set look fresh, while a new throw (or if you’re feeling creative, sewing new covers) can add a whole new lease of life to a sofa.4 Add a splash of colourA lick of paint can totally refresh a room! Whether your living room looks a bit dull, or your child has outgrown the design of their bedroom, Easter provides a perfect opportunity for redecoration. Peruse the shops for your ideal paint or wallpaper and make your home your personal haven. If it is a child’s room that needs attention, make sure they help pick out the colours and design and even get them involved with the painting if they are old enough. If they are teenagers, you could even set a budget for items such as accessories (lampshade, curtains, etc.). This will make them feel prouder of the finished product – and might even mean they will keep it a bit cleaner!5 Clean the guttersIt’s not the most pleasant job but it has to be done – especially following such a stormy winter! Not cleaning the gutters can lead to serious problems, since water that gets stuck in the gutters finds the path of least resistance when it tries to drain…which can often be into the walls and ceilings of your house.6 Spend time with your little onesTake the time to talk to your children about the Easter story, or your spiritual beliefs. Children like to understand and celebrate religious ceremonies, and take advantage of the many festivals at this time of year to encourage your children’s spiritual development.7 Share more moments with your familySneak a little time away from everyone. Give your partner an hour away from the family and ask them to do the same for you. With the longer days, this could even be a stroll once the children are in bed. When you are away, give yourself the time to enjoy your surroundings and the changes that Spring has brought.8 Enjoy a meal togetherA meal with your family will quench your hunger during the Easter break. If your children are old enough, get them involved in choosing ingredients, shopping for them and cooking the meal. Even if they play a small part, it’s a helpful and positive step for their development for them to join in with mealtimes.9 Pray togetherA family that stays together prays together. Ensure you share the word and pray together to make your Easter a blessed one. You can cite several verses from the Holy Book for your family to stumble upon during your leisure time and give them room to ask questions when needed.10 Break your chores into bitFinally, if you really need to get some of your house chores done, be realistic. Think about what you can really achieve with everyone at home (not much, am I right?). Break down large chores into chunks of one hour tasks and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get everything done. Long weekends are for you all as a family to chill out, come together and create some lovely memories.***Source: The Nation

Young Man Flaunts Huge Cash Before Buying New Car But Crashes It In A Building 2 Days After (Photos)
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Andy CashIt has been reported that a young man who goed by the name Andy Cash on Facebook, crashed his new car into a building in Delta state.The accident which happened in Amukpe, Sapele area of the state, saw the vehicle crash into residents’ stores.The young man involved in the crash has been identified by his nickname as ‘Andy Pounds’ who paid for the car in cash on Monday.It was gathered that ‘Andy Pounds’ flaunted huge wads of cash on social media just before he bought the car as can be seen in the pictures.After the new acquisition, the excited young man drove the car round the town without caution – only to crash the car into a building on Wednesday. The car which had no plate number, was badly damaged.See more photos of the crashed car below:

Woman Who Conspired With Her Son To Kill Her Own Husband In Niger (Photo)
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The suspectsA 50–year-old housewife, Hafsat Aliyu and her son, Babangida Usman, have been arrested by men of the Niger State Police Command for allegedly beating one Ali Haruna to death, Punch Metro reports.The incident occurred on April 13, 2019, behind Shango Primary School in Chanchaga Local Government Area of the state.Northern City News gathered that Usman and his mother attacked the deceased during a disagreement, noting that his father was fond of assaulting his mother.According to him, he merely attempted to protect his mother from the father’s wrath when he slumped and died.He stated, “My mother was not safe with my father because of his temperament. Every day, there would be issues that would escalate to a fight. I never knew he would die, I  was only protecting my mother.”The Police Public Relations Officer, Mohammad Abubakar, confirmed the incident, adding that the suspects admitted to the crime.Abubakar said Usman and his mother inflicted injuries on the deceased, who died while being taken to Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Specialist Hospital for treatment, adding that the suspects would be charged to court after investigation.

Photo Of Nigerian Man Whose Leg Got Condemned After Being Shot by DPO In Akwa Ibom
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Mr Victor DavidAccording to a Punch Metro report, a middle-aged man, Mr Victor David, who was allegedly shot by a Divisional Police Officer in Akwa Ibom State Police Command said on Wednesday that he had been rendered incapacitated.David, a father of two, told Southern City News in Uyo that he was shot on Saturday, April 17, 2018, by Mr Joseph Udonwo, who was then serving as the DPO in Okobo Local Government, but now transferred to Nsit-Ubim LGA of the state.The victim, a passenger loader in a motor park at Okobo, called on the acting Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, and the state Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, to ensure that justice was done in the matter to serve as a deterrent to others.He said, “I am using this medium to call on the acting IGP and the state CP, to bring the officer to book and ensure that he pays for the damage that was done. “I want justice; my right leg has been condemned. I have been in pains for the past one year; I live on charity now as I cannot do anything on my own. “Since he is on salary, they should ensure that he renders part of that salary to me until I am well and able to make a living.”Narrating his ordeal, David, who now walks with the support of crutches, said, “I was at the Okobo motor park that Saturday, April 17, 2018, when I suddenly saw some policemen who drove in with their vehicles towards a medical centre close to the park. “There was a robbery at the medical facility the previous night and when the policemen arrived, all of us, including some passengers, rushed to see what was happening. I knew two of the policemen. “When I arrived at the scene of the robbery, the DPO ordered me to enter the car and they drove me to the police station at Okobo, where the DPO took me to a secluded place and started behaving funny. “He shot on the ground twice and missed my leg narrowly, but the third bullet hit me on my right leg; the bullet pierced through the flesh to the other side,” he said.David explained that the DPO, on noticing that he had injured an innocent person, rushed him to a medical facility at Iquita, in Oron LGA.He added that the medical personnel, having realised that he had lost so much blood, referred him to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo.According to him, the DPO got him admitted to UUTH with a wrong name, adding that he (the DPO) later apologised to him.He, however, added that the DPO’s apology would not assuage his pains, insisting that something must be done.“The DPO has apologised to me, but his apology was a mere afterthought. He came begging me that it was a mistake and that he was under a spell, but this is not true,” David insisted.The wife of the victim, Agnes David, called on human rights organisations to come to the aid of the family.“Everything is difficult for us now. I was pregnant when the incident happened and I put to birth while still taking care of my husband. Now, the baby is grown and she has to start attending school by September this year,” she lamented.However, a network of human rights group in Akwa Ibom, comprising non-governmental organisations, individual groups, has initiated action on the matter.In a letter addressed to the Commissioner of Police on the issue, the Akwa Ibom State Coordinator of the group, Mr Clifford Thomas, called on the police authority to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter with a view to ensuring that justice was done.Thomas said, “It is our belief that the police officer acted ultra vires. He acted outside the expectation of the police rules and regulations. His action falls within the purview of strict liability and he must be made to answer for it. “After threatening his victim initially, he made efforts to induce him with money. When he failed, the DPO is now using surrogates to harass and intimidate him, his wife and children.”Reacting to the matter, the state CP said the Nigeria Police Force had set a standard for such actions, assuring that the command would conduct a full-scale investigation into the matter.He promised that justice would be served on whoever was found guilty.“The Nigeria Police has set a standard on matters like this. We shall launch an investigation into the matter and bring to book whoever is found guilty, no matter his or her position in the Force” he said.Efforts to speak to the DPO were futile as he did not respond to several calls put across to him as of the time of filing this report.

Police Rescue Young Lady From The Hands Of Suspected Ritualists In Delta State (Photos)
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The lady was rescuedIt has been reported that a young lady was rescued by the police from the hands of men suspected to be ritualists, kidnappers or internet fraudsters otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ – who allegedly tried to abduct her in Asaba, Delta state capital.According to reports, the lady was coming from the popular Ogbegonogo market on Thursday, April 18, 2019, when she boarded a tricycle, popularly known as Keke Napep. Two young men were said to have joined her from both sides, leaving the girl in the middle.The hoodlums alleged to be ‘Yahoo Boys’, met their Waterloo when their supposed victim signaled the Keke driver that she wanted to stop at a particular junction. The driver refused to stop thereby forcing her to raise alarm which attracted mobile policemen on patrol and sympathizers to chase after them.It was gathered that the suspected hoodlums hypnotized (charmed) their victim which made her temporarily lose her memory after she raised the alarm.The police in their swift response intercepted and apprehended the suspected kidnappers.Irate youths who gathered at the scene made attempts to lynch the suspects but the police prevented them.One of the boys was identified to be an owner of SUV seen within Asaba metropolis.

Photos of Nigerian Man And His Fiancee Die In Motor Accident Few Weeks To Their Wedding (Photos)
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The coupleA couple has sadly passed away in a tragic incident few weeks to their traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom state.The pair identified as Ukeme Asuquo and Ema Udo Essien, were involved in a ghastly motor accident yesterday which reportedly killed both of them on the spot.Their wedding which was billed to hold on Saturday, May 4th in Itu local government area of Akwa Ibom, has been cancelled due to the unfortunate incident.Their wedding invitation cardA friend of the deceased took to Facebook to mourn their deaths.He wrote: "Man, fiancée die days to their wedding! Oh death where is thy sting!  "Ukeme Asuquo you brought your wedding card to us last Sunday. Just this morning I heard you had an accident with your husband and both are confirmed dead at the spot."What will happen on the 5th May being your traditional marriage? It’s so heartbreaking please." 

Police Brutality: One stabbed to death, one protester shot dead
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Policemen attached to the Atali/Elimgbu Police station have killed one and injured another after opening fire on people protesting against the killing of their friend in #Rivers State. .It was gathered that one Chinedu had been stabbed to death, yesterday, by a policeman identified as Nyebuchi, for allegedly refusing a phone check.However, when some aggrieved residents of the area stormed the police station in protest, they were met with reckless gunshots which claimed the life of a 13-year-old boy, Precious Gladstone, and injured one Turuchi, 27.Source-Instablog9ja 

'How we collected N5m ransom for Lagos Fire Service boss' - Arrested suspect opens up
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One of the suspects arrested for kidnapping Lagos Fire Service Director Rasaki Musibau has said the gang collected N5million ransom for his release. Blessing Boyo, 29, told reporters that the gang leader identified simply as MK who’s still at large, had told them the money brought was N5million and that he would share it when they returned to base. Boyo was paraded alongside Smart Alfred Thursday evening by Police Commissioner Muazu. Narrating how they kidnapped Musibau and six others around 8pm on April 6, Boyo said they used timbers to block the road before ambushing their victims.He said the four guns used for the operation were brought by MK who allegedly lured him into kidnapping.Boyo said: “MK called me for the operation. He had guys in the bush. He brought out guns and said it was kidnapping work. I have not kidnapped before. I used to carry timber with an operator. “We blocked the road with woods, stopped vehicles and kidnapped them. We had four guns and it was MK that brought it. I have not been given any money. He said we should return to base first. It was MK that was with the money.He told us that the money was N5million. “My first time in Lagos was on April 5. I am from Arogbo in Ondo State. We did not beat the man. We took the man to the bush. He was fed cooked food. MK’s boys cooked Egusi and Eba and the one was served.” Corroborating Boyo’s statement, Alfred, also a native of Arogbo in Ondo State said they followed MK because he fooled them he was a timbre operator and needed carriers.He said it was when they got to the bush that he told them it was kidnapping job and since he was jobless, he joined him. “The guy told us to follow him to do carrier work since we were jobless at the time. He approached us because he knows we are into carrier work. I followed him to the bush because i believed it was carrier work. “I did not understand what he meant. He showed us guns and said this is the work he is into. I asked if he wanted to kill me and he said he will show me how he does the work. As we got to where we wanted to operate, he cut a wood and blocked the road.

Success Adegor Spotted In A BEER Parlour With Chairman Of Sapele Local Government
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Viral Warri School Girl, Success Adegor Spotted In A Beer Parlour With MenScooper RadarFollowSuccess Adegor, the Warri school girl whose video went viral few weeks ago, has been spotted in a beer parlour with some men.This was brought to the notice of the public by a journalist who shared a picture showing Success Adegor at the beer parlour with the chairman of Sapele Local Government.The journalist, Fejiro Oliver wrote:”Just imagineA Local Government Chairman in Delta State, precisely Sapele Local Government took little Success of the “No be say I no go pay o” fame out to a beer parlour.This man called Eugene deserves to be suspended by the Governor for this evil habit. He didn’t see church or recreational areas, na where him and his guys dey manya he carry the small girl go.”By AgnesREPORT

Nigerian man narrates how his mum died "as a result of medical negligence and malpractice from a hospital in India"
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A man has warned Nigerians to stop going to hospitals in India for treatment and he shared his mother's tragic story as a warning to others. Tobi Marshal said his mum died "as a result of medical negligence and malpractice from a hospital in India". He went on to narrate how his mother's health declined to the point of death while she was receiving treatment in an Indian hospital.   He warned Nigerians that they are being used as "lab rats" in Indian hospitals and ended his advice writing: "Please my point here is I want to tell Nigerians that India is not safe to do surgeries and treatment they extort soo much money from us and still use us as lab rats."  He added: "You could go to China or Korea but please stay away from India they are heartless." Read his entire thread below.  

Dead Newborn Baby Found Dumped Near An Anglican Church In Anambra (Photos)
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The baby was found in a carton near a churchThere was serious commotion in the Awada Obosi Idemiri North L.G.A of Anambra after a dead child was found in a carton beside a church.According to the eyewitness, the mother of the child allegedly killed it and placed it in a carton near a Church.The eyewitness’ post reads:A dead child found in awada obosi. beside ANGLICAN CHURCH OF, GOOD SHEPHERD NEPA ROAD By EZEIWEKA. AWADA OBOSI IDEMIRI NORTH L.G.A. ANAMBRA STATE. A mother killed her child put it inside a catorn came to the church field and dropped it..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!UMUNWANYI NA AJO OBI. God will never allow such a mother to go unpunish. what a heartless motherSee more photos below:

Nigerian lady reveals how family member scammed her of N600,000
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A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media page to narrate how a family member of hers, scammed her of N600,000.In her narration, she explained that the relative called her to inform her of a plot of land available for sale, which she agreed to buy and then sent her the money.After the family member received the money, it was one story to the other – and now other members of the family want the matter settled amicably.The lady wrote,I’ve just been scammed of 600k by a distant family member. Now all my uncles, mom and Dad are begging me on top my money? She called me ending of January and told me that her co wife wants to “urgently” sell her 3plots of land in the village at a very cheap price, i asked her how Legit the stuff was and she told me VERY LEGIT. Said the woman’s son is critically ill and needs urgent money for treatment. I said Ok i will send someone to check the land out. Which i did and everything checked out. 10th February, i paid the money to her and that was how story entered the matter. She then told me the woman already sold to someone else cos I wasn’t serious. I said OK oya pay the money back naa she said I should wait that she have SEEN another land. I agreed o cos I wanted to buy another land, fence it and forget it for like 5-10years. Anyway, everyday she kept coming up with different excuses that the one She saw, they are having family issues, another she saw the husband agreed but the wife said no. Another one she saw it’s deep in the forest. Only for me to get a call from my mom today telling me how She used some of the money to pay her kids’ waec/Jamb,medical Bills then the rest she used it to pay off debtors, feed and start something for herself. I then asked my mom why didn’t she send the money back then ask for help? What nonsense? Hung up on my mom, called the woman back and told her if she doesn’t send the money by Month end Both her, her husband and the kid writing WAEC will be arrested and transferred to a state Only i will know of. Next thing my parents and uncles are calling my phone and asking me to come back so we can settle it as a family? I told them if I’m traveling back it will be To get her and her family arrested. Now everyone is saying I’m OVERREACTING? My anger is still boiling and I probably might do worse if I don’t see my money by month end. The most annoying part is that she HUNG UP on me when i was telling her i will get her arrested?

See Huge Poisonous Snake Man Killed After It Crawled Into His House (Photos)
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The man showed off the snake on social mediaA Bayelsa businessman, Engbi Ebideri has thanked God for saving his life after an encounter with a poisonous snake.The man took to Facebook to show to his followers, photos of a poisonous snake he killed after it crawled into his house while he was relaxing with his wife and child.“My God is bigger than everything. Poisonous Snake ran into my house. To God be the Glory no body was attacked before we finally killed it,” he shared on Facebook.See more photos below: 

75 Percent Of Police Officers Are Suffering From Mental Disorder – Mr Jollof
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Popular comedian Mr Jollof who contested for House of Rep in Delta state In the last election has slammed police officers due to the recent brutality of citizens.In his words he said 75% of police officers are suffering from mental disorder, as they are generally ‘mad people’.He wrote;‘75% of Police officers in Nigeria are suffering from mental disorder !!!! If you see Police with gun just run no claim right or wrong just run for your life because them be mad people’                                                                                                                    Watch video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwR90Iql444/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_medium=loading

Vivian Fowler college receives heat for issuing disclaimer to say viral cocaine addict never attended their school as she claims
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Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls took to Twitter to issue a disclaimer which many social media users have found to be in poor taste.The disclaimer had to do with a certain lady who gave her name as Lizzy after being picked up by Freedom Foundation for rehabilitation. She told Pastor Tony Rapu's team how she became addicted to cocaine after her ex-boyfriend began mixing it with her weed. She spoke English fluently for an addict and said she attended Vivian Fowler college and also Caleb Nursery and Primary school (read here).After the video went viral, Vivian Fowler issued a statement on Twitter. In the statement, they denied that Lizzy ever attended their school but said they will work with Freedom Foundation to ensure Lizzy gets the help she needs.  However, social media users did not approve of the disclaimer and said it was absolutely unnecessary since Lizzy didn't say she became an addict while attending their institution.See some of the tweets below.  

Parents kill son over witchcraft in AkwaIbom
4/18/2019 10:16 AM | 54 views

The Akwa Ibom police command has arrested one Okon Essien and his wife, Peace, for alleged conspiracy and killing of their son, David, whom they accused of being a wizard and responsible for their misfortunes...The couple, who confessed to the crime, revealed the deceased was lured into an engine boat and taken across the river on the pretext of going to cut bamboo sticks in the swamp for the construction of their collapsed kitchen...Essien said: “While at the swamp, we removed the already prepared fetish concoction called ‘asene’ and pumped it through his anus because anyone suspected to be a witch must die if he or she is actually a witch.” ..He stated that “the fact that the boy died meant that he was actually a wizard.”

Kogi State University student commits suicide after boyfriend broke up with her
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Rebecca Michael, a 100 level Philosophy student of the Kogi State University Ayingba, Kogi State, on Wednesday, allegedly committed suicide shortly after her boyfriend broke up with her.According to reports, the deceased allegedly consumed a poisonous substance at her hostel in Lokoja, after a prominent DJ, Caleb Abalaka aka DJ Aka, told her that he was no longer interested in the relationship. . Rebecca was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre after she was discovered by friends, but she later gave up the ghost and has since been buried at Lokongoma cemetery.Credite-Instagram\Instablog9ja  -Ajiborode Anuoluwapo

African Mum Have 8Ways Of Discipline Their Children
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8 Petty Things African Mums Have Done To Discipline Their KidsWOW Virals | April 17, 2019Photo Credit: TwitterIf you thought Nigerian parents were the worst, wait till you see what mums all over the world have done to their kids.Nigerian-British Social Media Influencer, Oloni asked her followers on Twitter to share moments when they thought their mums were petty and the responses are extremely hilarious.Photo credit: MadailygistWe can all agree that mums all over the world want discipline at all cost.Here are 10 most hilarious times mums have been petty to their kids.1. This mum who seized one leg of every shoe her daughter owns; just so she wouldn't go out.2. The mum who collected her 15-year-old daughter's salary because she has been living for free.3. The mom who threatened a school with jazz4. The mom who knows that disgrace is the easiest way to discipline an African child.5. The mum who mixes pettiness with Tech6. The mum who broke the "big girl" wings her daughter had grown. 7. The mom who wouldn't let her child be vegetarian in peace.8. The mum who binds the spirit of lust!Obviously, there are no dynamics to parenting but what these children have in common are mum's who would go any length to disciplic their kids.I can mirror my mum doing some of the things, what is the pettiest thing your mum has ever done to you?By Entertainment ExpressREPORT

Man Bathes His Wife With Acid For Demanding A Divorce
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One Onyeachonam Chinwuba has splashed acid on his wife, Anurika, for demanding for divorce in #Awka, #Anambra State.According to the State’s Commissioner for Women Affairs, Ndidi Mezue, the victim who had sought divorce, accusing her husband of living a questionable life, was with her husband in the Ministry, yesterday and earlier today, where their differences were thought to have been resolved.It was after they left the Ministry that the husband reached for a bottle containing the acid and poured it on Anurika, causing serious burns on her face down to her body.She was then rushed to the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital, while the husband was arrested.

Nigerian feminist advises married women to cheat on their husband
4/17/2019 7:06 PM | 60 views

A Twitter user identified as @Chivie_, has got herself trending on the platform after she advised married women to be promiscuous.The young lady advised married women to cheat on their husband with younger, finer men to make him step up his game. She also wished married men were often humiliated by their wives.See her tweet below;“I need married women to cheat more. With younger, finer men. And when their husbands try to complain, they point out his pot belly, Bald head, and 2mins sex. Make him step up his game and hit the gym. I wish more married men were humiliated by their cheating wives.”

Brave soldier beaten black and blue for preventing louts from carrying out jungle justice on a driver who accidentally killed one of them (graphic photo)
4/17/2019 5:54 PM | 67 views

A soldier was brutally beaten by some street boys because he intervened to stop them from killing a trailer driver who accidentally killed one of them.There was commotion at Apapa boundary in Ajegunle, Lagos, on Tuesday, April 16 when a trailer driver crushed one of the street boys named Kola Mutiu, aka Black Jesus.  Black Jesus According to reports, Kola had gone after the trailer driver, trying to force him to pay one of the limitless dues they stand on the road to collect from drivers. While running after the driver to collect money from him, he was crushed to death by the trailer. Kola was rushed to the hospital by other area boys and he was confirmed dead. The area boys then went after the driver with the aim of making him pay with his life. But a brave soldier stepped in to avert the jungle justice.  The area boys ended up unleashing their rage on the soldier and beat him till he was bruised and swollen. They also destroyed a military van.  

Plus-Sized Female Corper Cries While Undergoing Her Camp Drilling (Photo+Video)
4/17/2019 5:46 PM | 70 views

The corper member expressing her emotionsHere is a trending story of a plus size corper who broke down in tears during camp drilling.The lady who's undergoing normal camp drilling with her platoon members, left many speechless after she got stuck on the net.Her body weight also contributed to her predicament, hence she found it very difficult to cross, until a military and Man 'o' War personnel came to her rescue after she cried out her eyes.Watch the video below: