GOTD Income Package

GistOfTheDay Income package is a package available for everyone who can access our websites all over the world. No matter where you are or where you live, you can get a huge benefit for your usage of data by surfing our website, reading and commenting on reliable, informative post on our platform.

  • As one of our registered member (GOTDer), there are various ways to earn and get paid every week from us on our platform which will be explained below;
    GOTD DAILY HUSTLE EARNING: This is also refered to as GOTD earnings where your general activities as one of our members is accumulated and being paid to your at the end of week. This *daily hustle* includes reading and commenting on our news, active daily login, regular site visit, sharing of our sponspored posts/Ads and also veiwing our pages. GOTD intends to share her Ads revenue with you in as much as you get involved by making us your number 1 news site.
  • GOTD INTEGRATED PROGRAM: This can also be called your AFFILIATE EARNINGS. Once a member gets approved on our system after a successful online registration, you automatically become an affiliate. Being an affiliate means that once you refer anyone using your Unique Customer Code (UCC) and the referred completes his/her online registration successfully, you automatically get rewarded for that. GOTD pays you 60% of the registration fee of whomever you refer to the system i.e ( Registration = 500, you get 300 if the person you referred use your UCC ro register on our site). Assuming you refer 40 persons to GOTD, your exclusive earning would be 300 X 40 = 12,000. (pls note: you would also get your GOTD DAILY HUSTLE EARNINGS as well)
  • GOTD SPONSPORED POST EARNING: This is another form of earning where each GOTDer is assigned the SPONSPORED POST and automatically earn #50 on commenting on SPONSPOR POST which guarantees visit to our Advertisers Sponspored Post

As One of our registered Member on GOTD DAILY HUSTLE PACKAGE, this is the breakdown of how much you earn on the system;

  • You earn #20 bonus when you successfully register your account. The funds would instantly reflect on your dashboard where you access your earning. This is the welcome bonus attached to you as an appreciation for registering on our platform
  • You earn #0.5 by making good, reasonable and well constructed comments relating to the article you read.
  • You earn #1 when you read our post on and from our sponsors.
  • You earn #50 for sharing our SPONSPORED POSTS to your social media platform(IG, twitter, facebook etc). To achieve this, you will have to first login, click on SPONSPORED POST and follow the direction on " how to share SPONSPORED POST". SPONSPORED POSTS are paid promotional post on GistOfTheDay Platform.
  • You earn #50 when you submit a well constructed, meaningful and informative post which is being approved by the GOTD community.
  • You earn #300 on each person you refer be it your friend, family and coworker to our GOTD INCOME PACKAGE. The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect on your dashboard once the person you referred has completed his/her registration successfully.
  • You earn #10 for ACTIVE DAILY Login to your account.
  • You earn more for watching comedy skits and short trending videos.


This is a forum where our GOTDer gets FREE and VALUABLE reward for free.